Some activities—odd though they may be—just give you a sense of satisfaction. Clogged pores likely aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time, yet you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy popping a good zit. The same goes for hitting a punching bag, or giving your home a thorough clean. But if your skin is clear, or you don’t have room for a giant punching bag? Not a problem, as there are tons of oddly satisfying products you can find right on Amazon. From fidget toys that let you pop fake zits to a desktop-sized punching bag, Amazon has no shortage of weird little items that are sure to give you a sense of satisfaction. Frankly, that zit popping toy is way more fun than it deserves to be—and that’s only one of the items you’ll find below. Keep scrolling for more.

There's something so satisfying about a sequin pillow case—when you're relaxing on the couch, you can't keep yourself from flipping the sequins back and forth. And since it's made with a hidden zipper, there's no need to worry about your pillow slipping out while you're trying to snooze.

Avoid unpleasantly rude awakenings from a blaring alarm with this sunrise alarm clock. It gradually grows brighter and brighter so that you wake up gently, similar to how the sun would wake you up—and it even comes loaded with seven soothing nature sounds to help you drift off to sleep at night.

You'll get tons of satisfaction out of this 3D pen, which you can use to make everything from chess pieces to cable clips. Each order includes 15 colorful "ink" refills—as one reviewer writes, "You don't have to be an 'artist' to use. You just have to have a great imagination!"

Love burning candles? Then you'll definitely want to check out this DIY candle making kit. Not only are the included tins pretty to look at, but the premium beeswax is also more eco-friendly when compared to paraffin. Each order comes with six scents: lemon, spearmint, rose, lavender, ocean, and eucalyptus.

You've gotta admit that popping zits is kind of fun, but if your skin is clear, you may be denied this guilty pleasure. You can use this zit-popping toy to get the same sense of satisfaction. The wax that pops out is reusable—but if you happen to lose it, each order also comes with a little extra for refilling.

Stressful workplace? Add this punching bag to your desk and you'll have an outlet next time you're feeling aggravated. Don't worry about punching it too hard, slugger—the spring is resilient so that you can hit the bag as hard as you like without having to worry about whether it'll bounce back or not.

Speaking of relaxing, this projector is a unique way to add a calm, soothing ambiance to your bedroom. Not only does it cast dreamy stars all across your ceiling, but there's also a full moon hidden behind a cloud, as well as a brilliant nebula. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 3 hours before needing to be plugged in again.

It takes about 2 minutes for the colored oil in these liquid timers to slide from top to bottom, making them perfect for brushing teeth, playing games, and more. The slow, gradual movement also gives them a light calming effect that might be able to help soothe conditions like ADHD—and more than 2,000 reviewers awarded them either four or five stars.

Most paint-by-numbers kits are made for kids, but this adult-oriented paint-by-numbers kit looks so good you'll actually want to hang it up in your home. The best part? There's no mixing or blending required, as all the colors are already pre-made for you.

If you find popping bubble wrap relaxing, you'll definitely want to take a look at this STONGBO spiral notebook. The cover is filled with small silicone bubbles that you can pop as many times as you like — and there's even a ruler built into the side. Choose from eight colors, including a gorgeous navy blue marble option.

Ever think about learning to play an instrument? With this easy-to-use synthesizer, all you have to do is press down on the middle, then slide your finger up or down to create higher or lower tones. You can also squeeze its cheeks to adjust the volume and bass. And since there's no complicated software to learn, it only takes a few minutes to start composing your own tunes.

Whether you're five or 50 years old, you can still appreciate this inflatable fort. At over 4 feet tall, it's perfect for kids who want to play or adults seeking solitude—and it only takes about 30 seconds to blow it up with a standard-sized box fan. Use it for a fun date night at home, or even bust it out for your kid's next sleepover.

Nothing feels as satisfying as a clean home—and this ColorCoral Cleaning Gel can help you get into those tight nooks and crannies that regular scrubbers can't reach. The tacky surface latches onto dust, yet won't stick to your hands. Plus, it's so gentle that you can even use it to clear dust from camera lenses.

There's no need to climb up on a ladder to clean those second-floor windows when you've got this innovative window cleaner. Sponges on all three corners scrub away dirt as you slide them around, while the strong magnet embedded in the center keeps both halves connected on either side of the glass. And if the magnet ever fails? Don't worry—the attached safety rope keeps the outside half from falling to the ground.

Whether you're feeling fidgety or looking to improve your hand strength, the ONO roller can help. It's small and compact, making it the perfect desktop companion for those days at work where you're having trouble concentrating—and many reviewers have raved that it "rolls very smoothly."

Cookware, tile, patio furniture—these Scrub Mommy by Scrub Daddy scrubbers are so versatile that you can use them on nearly anything. They're gentle enough for non-stick pans, yet tough enough that you can use them for grimy outdoor jobs. And unlike some scrubbers, these are scratch- as well as odor-resistant.

There's something satisfying about using this cheese slicer to prepare a charcuterie board, as the stainless steel wire easily glides through hard and soft cheese. It also features non-slip feet to help keep it in place, as well as prevent scratches to your counter. And if you aren't a big fan of cheese? You can also use it with butter, ham, cake, and more.

Pop one of these soap catchers onto your detergent bottle to catch any stray drips before they can dribble down your washer or dryer. They're sized to fit onto nearly any economy-sized spout—and the raised slats on the platform keep your soap cup lifted up and away from any soap that's puddled underneath.

Sure, it's gross, but many of us find peeling away dead skin to be satisfying as well. Peel better with these foot masks—first, you just let your feet soak for about an hour. Then, over the next two weeks, that outer layer of skin will begin to loosen up so that you can peel it away, leaving you with ultra-soft feet. "At first, I didn't think anything had happened, but here we are on almost day 3 and my feet are peeling like CRAZY!" raved one reviewer.

Mind always running at 100 miles per hour? You might want to give this "Stop Overthinking" self-help book a read. Author Nick Trenton walks you through 23 different techniques you can use to help alleviate stress, de-clutter your thoughts, and even keep yourself from going down into a negative spiral. Consider it a must-have if your main source of stress is—well, yourself.

With space for up to 36 cans, there's no reason not to use this can rack to get your pantry looking neat and organized. The plastic dividers are adjustable, which means you can use it with larger as well as smaller cans—and assembly only takes a few short minutes without any tools required.

Your cookware can start to turn brown after a while, even if you're consistently scrubbing it clean—that's where this Bar Keepers Friend polish comes in. Not only does it get rid of burnt-on food and stains, but each order also includes a pack of three scrubbers to get you started. Use it on stainless steel, glass pans, and more.

There's just something satisfying when it comes to coloring—so grab this set of adult coloring books to have on hand the next time you need something relaxing to do. The designs range from scenery to mandalas and animals, giving you tons of options, depending on what you're in the mood for. Each order includes three books.

Walk around the house in these slippers, and you'll wind up with clean floors in no time. The microfiber chenille bottoms pick up all sorts of dust, dirt, and pet hair, while the plush insoles help keep your feet feeling comfortable. "It felt like no matter how much I swept I was always picking up little bits of dirt and dog hair on the laminate floors," explained one reviewer. "These keep my feet and the floor cleaner, which is awesome."

Ever notice how dust bunnies can get stuck to your broom? That's why the dustpan in this broom and dustpan set is designed with a built-in comb, making it easy to strip those bits of dust away without having to bend over. Plus, the broom handle also extends out to 52 inches—perfect for sweeping underneath furniture.

Few things are as satisfying as a well-organized plasticware cabinet, and this lid organizer will help you make it happen. The dividers are adjustable so that you can use it with nearly any lid, while the low profile allows you to also use it in drawers if you like. "Took only a few minutes to put together and organize my lids. Absolute game changer," raved one reviewer. "My drawer actually looks organized. "

Not only do these extra-thick magic erasers last longer than most, but they're also safe to use on just about any surface: leather, steel, painted walls, and more. The best part? You don't even need any cleanser to use them—just get them damp with water and they're ready to go.

Paint this zombie face mask over your skin, then sit back and watch as it hardens into a egg-like shell that feels oh-so satisfying when it comes time to peel off. It's made with albumin and aloe vera, which can help shrink the appearance of pores as well as hydrate skin. And you only need to wear it for about 15 minutes to experience the full benefits.

If no amount of scrubbing will get your grout looking clean, why not paint it over using this specially designed pen? The water-based formula is safe to use all over your home—and one pen has enough ink for up to 150 feet of grout. Reviewers raved about how their tile "looks great" after using it, with one writing that it "made the grout look like the tile floor had just been laid!"

Flossing might not be the most glamorous activity, but these flossers at least make it easier. The tapered tips fit between tight teeth, or even into braces. Plus, the flexible handle holds its position when bent, making it easier to get a deep clean.

Not a fan of those elastic straps? This giant rubber band can also be used to keep your sheets from riding up over your mattress. Even if your bedding doesn't have a habit of riding up, it's useful for hanging reading glasses or holding magazines and other small items.

Earl Grey and peach oolong are only two of the delicious flavors you'll find inside of this boba tea kit. All the flavors are gluten-free as well as vegan—and even if you aren't into boba tea, it's a wonderful gift for your friends who are. "Everything about this product was excellent," wrote one reviewer. "The tea flavors were amazing, so accurate to buying bubble tea from a bubble tea cafe."

With eight rotating nodes that dig deep into sore muscles, this shiatsu massager is a must-have for the next time you're trying to relax. Each order also comes with an adapter so that you can use it in the car—and the ergonomic design means you can also use it on your thighs, calves, arms, or nearly anywhere else on your body.

Not only is this whiskey infusion kit a fun (and delicious) way to spend an afternoon, but it even includes two gorgeous glass prep bottles that are sure to look great sitting on your home bar. And if that isn't enough? Hundreds of reviewers awarded it either four or five stars, with one raving that "it is a special out of the box gift that is sure to please."

Not only is this hand casting kit fun for the whole family, but each order comes with enough material for two adult hands as well as one small child hand. The molding gel is also incredibly detailed, capturing every fine line and fingerprint. Plus, there's even an instructional video to help you make sure your hands come out as perfectly as possible.