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If hitting the open road this spring or summer sounds appealing, perhaps you’ve thought about traveling or vacationing in a recreational vehicle (RV). And if you haven’t, we’re here to say you should start thinking about it – because RV travel may just be the future of all vacationing.

RV travel continues to grow in popularity

Those who travel via RV love it because it’s a self-contained and safe way to travel, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors or stay nearby your favorite events and festivals. It’s certainly not a new phenomenon in the world in travel, but it’s definitely becoming a more common and popular way to vacation, mostly thanks to it’s affordability, flexibility, comfort and convenience – all benefts travelers highly value these days. RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report actually shows that 62% of adults are likely to consider renting an RV for a trip in the future, a 9% jump from 2022. RV travel is trending!

Rent a privately owned RV, just like a vacation rental

RVshare’s peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace offers an incredible selection of vehicles available for rent, available across the U.S.. It’s actually the first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. There are more than 100,000 vehicles available on RVshare, with varying price points, starting at about $100 per day. You’re sure to find an RV to suit your trip, whether it’s an affordable travel trailer for a camping weekend or a luxury motorhome for an extensive national park tour.

Have your RV rental delivered to your destination

If you don’t want to drive, you can actually have your rented RV delivered to your destination if the listing indicates delivery (you can search by delivery, too). Delivery is perfect for glamping getaways, which are also on the rise in popularity. What’s glamping you ask? It’s basically upgraded, luxury camping with comfortable beds, built in washers and dryers, or even a bathroom. You can ‘glamp’ your way across the US - be it Kentucky, Idaho or even Hawaii. Intrigued? Check out more on an RV glamping. Delivery is also popular for music festivals, tailgating, or if you’re traveling with kids. Nearly half of RVshare rentals were delivered in 2022.

Picking the right RV for your trip

If you’re into the idea of renting an RV, you’ll need to choose between the two key kinds: towable and drivable – each of which have their own unique range of options.

Travel Trailers: If you want to tow your RV

If you have a tow-capable car, you might want to tow a trailer. The benefit of a travel trailer is more living space for a lower price, since they don’t need to make room for an engine or chassis. You also have the benefit of potentially using your car once you place the travel trailer at your destination. Some types of towable travel trailers are:

Pop-Up Camper ($-$$; rvshare.com)

Pop Up Camping

Pop-ups tend to be light, making them easy to pull. Most full-size SUVs can do the job, and even some sedans. Pop-up campers are a great upgrade from tent camping, and mini camper trailers can easily fit in smaller campsites. Pop-ups are an affordable option and generally sleep two to five adults, making them a great family choice.

Fifth Wheel ($-$$$; rvshare.com)

Fifth Wheel

Four to eight or more passengers can comfortably fit in a fifth wheel trailer, and you need a full-size pickup truck and a special hitch to tow one. These bad boys have the biggest RV footprint, and some can extend out into what amounts to an RV mansion.

Motorhomes: If you want to drive your RV

If the simplicity of hopping in and driving off appeals to you, consider a drivable RV. If you’re not used to driving large vehicles, that can be a hesitation, but most folks get the hang of it pretty quickly. The biggest benefit to motorhomes is their ease of use — no need for hitching or unhitching. Popular drivable RVs include:

Class-C Motorhome ($$-$$$$; rvshare.com)

Class C

A Class-C motorhome is a great middle-ground option. They’re on a regular truck chassis, which means they’re not intimidating to drive. But they have amenities like kitchens and bedrooms. Easily accommodating four to eight passengers, you’ll often find clever sleeping arrangements here, like tables that fold into beds, and loft spaces.

Class-B Motorhome ($$-$$$; rvshare.com)

Class B

This is the motorhome that seems to be everywhere these days. In 2021 it became an extremely popular mode of transportation for cross-country trips, particularly with a younger demographic of drivers. It’s great for one or two passengers, it’s affordable and it’s pretty straightforward to drive since it’s generally just an oversized van.

Class-A Motorhome ($$$-$$$$; rvshare.com)

Class A

The highest-end option is a Class-A RV. Be warned: These do not get good gas mileage. On average you can expect six to eight miles per gallon. But you’ll get luxurious amenities like dining rooms, bathtubs and sometimes even washing machines. If you want to camp in true comfort, the Class-A is for you.

There are thousands of options available on RVshare across the country. Check out the site, set your search filters (there’s even a pet filter to bring your furry friends along!) and plan your 2023 escape.