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I love koozies. Every time I crack open a drink, I’m always wrapping it up in a koozie to keep it colder for longer. My obsession with cold drinks might stem from my endless testing of insulated water bottles, but my distaste for warm beer is another likely culprit.

I’m not really sure how, but I have a collection of koozies stuffed in a drawer that seems to never stop growing. However, I just tried the Yeti Colster Can Insulator, and it’s so good it might replace my whole drawer of can covers.

Our new favorite way to keep cans cold

Anyone who uses a koozie should replace it with the Yeti Colster Can Insulator. It keeps drinks a lot colder for a lot longer than a normal koozie, and it's the only insulator I’ll use from now on.

How I found the Yeti Colster Can Insulator

I’m always prowling the internet for fun, cheap products, and koozies are no exception. There are all sorts of cute and funny things you can put a can in (read: Puffin Drinkwear’s flannel), but when I realized Yeti had a can insulator I knew I had to try it.

Yeti’s reputation of making fantastic products from water bottles to coolers is no secret. So I wanted to find out if the Colster Can Insulator would be as useful, practical and effective as Yeti’s other stuff. Spoiler alert: It is.

Why it’s a score

First things first: The Yeti Colster Can Insulator is amazing at keeping drinks cold. I threw a can in there right out of the fridge and it stayed refreshingly cold the whole time I drank it. Normal koozies do an OK job at this, but I always find my drinks to be around room temperature during my final few sips. Not with the Yeti. Using the same technology featured in the brand’s insulated water bottles, my can stayed so cold for so long, I really don’t think I can go back to other koozies.

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On top of its fantastic insulation, the Colster Can Insulator comes in 11 different colors and can even be customized with all sorts of designs, text and logos for a few extra bucks. The insulator is also available in different sizes so you can fit tall cans for larger drinks or slim cans for seltzers. The standard 12-ounce Colster I tested fit normal beer and soda cans perfectly. Bottles fit too, though not nearly as well as cans.

If you use koozies, it’s time to upgrade. After testing the Yeti Colster Can Insulator, I can confidently say it’s the best way to keep canned drinks cold I’ve ever tried. It’s my new favorite koozie, and at only $25 it should be yours too.