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When it comes to communicating big ideas or pitching yourself to a recruiter, it’s important that you’re doing so in the most effective way — which means proper grammar, spelling and syntax.

Take it from Kyle Wiens, CEO at iFixit, who wrote the article “I won’t hire people who use poor grammar. Here’s why.” In it, he discusses why he gives a grammar test to every potential employee at one of his companies as a way of distinguishing which applicants are truly detail oriented. So whether you’re looking to impress a future employer or a potential client, writing well is way more important than you might have guessed.

The WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant: Lifetime Premium Subscription ($79, originally $399.95; stacksocial.com) is a virtual writing assistant that does way more than just spellcheck. With one click, WhiteSmoke can proofread your writing to check for grammar, style, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It can even spot potential plagiarism. A huge bonus is that you can use WhiteSmoke on your phone or computer. Plus, it’s compatible with all browsers.

So how does it work exactly? WhiteSmoke uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which incorporates artificial intelligence and unique algorithms to draw on the contextual patterns of human speech. It’s how voice-activated technology like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa work, and it’s how WhiteSmoke is able to analyze all your text to do way more than just correct simple spelling or check capitalization.

With the WhiteSmoke lifetime subscription — which you can now get for 80% off its original price — you’ll receive access to all current and future product features. WhiteSmoke is continually updating its technology to detect different types of errors, provide additional information on your mistakes and optimize its layout and user experience for increased efficiency.

No matter who you are, writing well means communicating well. And lifetime access to a virtual writing assistant means you can rest easy knowing you are less likely to make silly grammatical errors in any important emails or papers.

If you’re still not sold, TopTenReviews gave WhiteSmoke the 2017 Gold Award for Writing Enhancement Software as compared to nine other similar programs. So you can be sure WhiteSmoke is one of the best options on the market if you’re looking to improve your writing.