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There might not be many places to go at the moment, but getting ready in the morning is an easy way to feel like you’re in your normal routine. Hairstyling tools can come in handy, but they often come with wire clutter in your drawers.

The Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-Inch Curling Wand aims to change that by eliminating the cord. It’s a wire-free curling wand that’s on sale for $56.99 (originally $99; stacksocial.com).

We put the cordless curling wand to the test for a week and were impressed with the results: perfect curls, a simple styling process and an intuitive operation. We’re breaking down what you need to know about this styling tool and if we think it’s worth it at this price. (Hint: It is.)

Using the wand

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Like the Dolce hair dryer, which cut the cord, this Unplugged Beauty curling wand proved to be a game changer for the same reason. With no cord, it was easy to maneuver the wand around our head while curling, and we could easily swap hands. There was no concern with the cord getting hooked around the bathroom counter or even a faucet.

So how does this curling wand get power? Well, you’ll need to recharge it. Unplugged Beauty says a full charge should take two to three hours. After weeks of testing, we found that to be the case, with a full charge taking a little more than two hours. There’s no included charging stand but rather just a power plug and cable that can easily be stored in a drawer. You also get a silicone cover to protect the barrel when not in use. And after a full charge, you’ll get around 45 minutes of use. Unplugged Beauty says it lasts 35 to 45 minutes, and the battery life is a bit concerning.

Given the marketed short battery life of the wand, we were worried it wouldn’t give us enough time to get all of our curls done, but we were surprised that it lasted the amount of time we needed it to. Our hair is on the longer side, and curling with a traditional iron usually takes around 30 to 40 minutes. The time we spent styling our hair with the Unplugged Beauty wand was about the same with no pressure from a blinking low battery alert. The addition of a battery inside does add some weight as well. The Unplugged curling wand weighs in at 9.8 ounces and is slightly heavier than other curling wands we’ve used. It has a luxe feel, which we appreciated, especially considering the lower price point. We did notice that the titanium barrel showed fingerprints when we touched it. It’s more of an aesthetic upset than anything else, and it was also easy to wipe off once the wand had cooled.

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Alongside the cordless design, the built-in LED display was another favorite feature, as it acts like the command central. The temperature of the wand is shown here, so you’ll know when it’s reached the exact temperature you want it set to. It can heat to temperatures between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also check the battery level on the LED display.

When it came time to curl, the wand didn’t take long to heat up and was ready in under two minutes. This temperature range is pretty standard for heating tools, and we set ours to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1-inch barrel is also a good size for curls that aren’t too tight or too loose. We found the curls we tried with the Unplugged Beauty wand lasted throughout the day with minimal fallout.

The handle of the wand was comfortable to hold, and we didn’t feel it slipping whether we were holding the wand upside down or toward the back of our head. If you’ve used a curling wand before, you know to keep your fingers away from the barrel while curling to avoid accidental burns, and working with this one was no different. The lack of a wire did make curling the harder-to-reach spots (like the back of your head) easier, as you didn’t have to wrangle with a wire or keep a wire from hitting the hot barrel. It was a really easy hot tool to use that delivered great results with bouncy curls.

Bottom line

The Unplugged Beauty Cordless Curling Wand is worth the sale price if you curl your hair often. At $56.99 (originally $99) it’s competitive among other high-end curling wands, but the cordless design gives it a leg up. You’re able to style your hair within the charge without any fear the battery might go halfway through, so long as you start with a full charge.