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Whether you’re a business owner looking to add content to your e-commerce site or an experienced writer struggling to get a personal project off the ground, the Ultimate Bloggers Bundle contains the inspiration and information you need.

The three-part course, available for $99.99, delves into the world of blogging and arms you with the tools you need to launch your own authentic, engaging content venture. The comprehensive classes, which total over 35 hours of video lessons, cover both the basics and the intricacies of online self-publishing in an easy-to-follow format, now available to view on desktop, mobile and tablet.

If you promised yourself 2020 was the year you’d finally become a dab hand at writing for the web, read on to hear how these courses can help.

Here’s how the courses work

With millions of blogs on the internet, the first question on everyone’s lips is usually: How can I create a blog that stands out? Well, this bundle offers more than 50 lectures across three separate courses that aim to help you answer that very question.

In Build a Successful Creative Blog, creative business consultant and marketing strategist April Bowles-Olin breaks down what it actually means to build your voice on the internet, which will ultimately allow you to successfully market your blog to a wider audience. Class topics range from the fundamental basics (like defining your blog goals and developing a content plan) to more advanced topics that bug both novice and experienced writers alike, including design tips, search engine optimization and social media promotion.

In Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing, Bowles-Olin explores the convoluted concept of attracting a dedicated audience online; touching on everything from the psychology of marketing to how to start an email newsletter.

Once you’ve made your way through Bowles-Olin’s blogging 101 bootcamps and it’s time to actually put pen to proverbial paper, blogging veteran Darren Murph’s comprehensive How To Write A Blog Post That Drives Traffic offers solid suggestions about style and storytelling.

Build a Successful Creative Blog

Creating a popular personal or professional blog with a devoted readership can seem like a chicken or the egg scenario. So where to begin? As an experienced blogger and marketing strategist, Bowles-Olin offers a straightforward blueprint for a successful start (without getting too preoccupied early on with metrics such as likes, shares and views.)

This course is spread out over 26 lessons, totaling 15 hours. While that might sound like a lot of time, the lessons manage to remain engaging thanks to the participation of would-be bloggers who interact with Bowles-Olin in the room (and via an online chatroom) sharing their own experiences.

Those taking the course for themselves would do well to have the included downloadable workbook on standby, as Bowles-Olin incorporates plenty of opportunity to strategize and brainstorm throughout. Key questions she asks those trying to find their feet include: “What is your USP?” and “What’s one thing that immediately makes you happy?”

According to Bowles-Olin, having these benchmarks at the forefront of your content plan will help your audience truly connect with you. And as so much of blogging does boil down to aesthetics, Bowles-Olin, who is the author of “Marketing for Creatives”, also touches on best practices for photos, visuals and design.


For when your blog is up and running, Bowles-Olin shares tips for avoiding content ruts, achieving flow state, balancing how much to share online and how to let go of perfectionism. Of course, when it comes to blogging, there are numerous technical elements that require time and energy investment or long term success. Think: search engine optimization, gaining email subscribers, monetization, guest posting and so on. Thankfully, all of these, and more, are covered in depth within the lessons.

Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

As the famous saying goes, “build it and they will come” — but with such a crowded internet landscape, why do some blogs succeed while others merely exist?

That’s what Bowles-Olin aims to decipher over these 26 lessons, totaling 17 hours of materials. By using the psychology of marketing to form the foundation of how to attract readers, participants learn how to increase subscribers, effectively use social media to direct traffic and communicate genuinely with a target audience.

For those who are starting a content venture to help boost sales for their products or services, Bowles-Olin also talks about things like pricing and branding. Lessons such as “Write Sales Pages That Actually Sell, “Transcription and One Person Methods” and “Track Your Subscribers and Reader Behavior” are sure to be a huge help for most business owners. For those who have the basics of blogging nailed, this more specific course can be purchased separately for $69.

This course also comes with nine downloadable materials, including workbooks and bonus videos.

How To Write A Blog Post That Drives Traffic

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What makes for a compelling, shareable blog post? Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it.

Journalist, author and consultant Darren Murph is a Guinness World Record-holder (as the planet’s most prolific professional blogger!) who strives to incorporate effective storytelling into every content endeavor.

Murph’s solid advice will help both budding bloggers and professional writers better hone their skills and craft a narrative.

As Murph is a former editor-in-chief at a leading tech publication, he delivers invaluable advice for how to find your voice, style and tone. Once you understand your own editorial direction, he offers suggestions for how to achieve conversational, fluid copy — arguably the most important way to communicate either a professional or personal message.

Murph also presents insightful lessons on how to self-edit, finding a balance between informing and entertaining, inserting emotion in your writing and perfecting “flow” in your written content.

This 2 and a half-hour course, available for $20 as a standalone, will be of particular benefit to freelance blog writers looking to gain work from publications and brands, as Murph discusses ways to get exposure as a guest blogger, what editors are often looking for and how to build a portfolio.

As per Murph, some of the world’s leading brands are now figuring out how content and blogging can add a dynamic layer to their overall communications strategy. His course is an opportunity for writers and journalists to discover another string to their bow if they wish to someday pitch themselves as a savvy editorialist.

Bottom Line

This three-part bundle manages to offer insightful learnings for an array of people with various interests, experience and goals. The Ultimate Blogger Bundle effectively condenses the ins and outs of an often confusing landscape into a manageable action plan, with the helpful addition of DIY workbooks.

Whether you are someone who has never published any work online or you’re an experienced auteur looking to diversify your income, there is a lot to gain from the teachings of Bowles-Olin and Murph.

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