Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress with washable cover

Key specs

  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Trial Period and return policy: 100-night free trial period with full refund (minus shipping in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Tuft and Needle has been in the bed-in-a-box business since 2012 making mattresses, bedding and more. It’s one of the biggest companies in the direct-to-consumer mattress industry, and was one of the first, along with Casper and Leesa. Tuft and Needle offers a simple lineup of three mattresses: the T&N Original Mattress, the Mint Mattress and the Mint Hybrid Mattress, which are medium-firm, medium, and medium-plush respectively.

The Mint mattress is an all-foam mattress, with two layers of foam on top of the base, and has a removable, washable cover. We slept on the Mint for a month, and here’s what you need to know if you’re shopping for a new mattress.

An affordable, supportive mattress for back sleepers, with a washable cover

The Mint Mattress is a great choice for back sleepers and couples, with medium-to-firm support and very little motion transfer. The unique removable, washable cover helps keep the bed clean. 

What we liked about it

Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress in place

A medium-firm feel makes it comfortable for back sleepers and couples

Tuft and Needle offers three different mattresses in medium-firm, medium and medium-plush levels. I chose the “Mint” mattress, which is the brand’s medium firmness, suggested for back and side sleepers. I was also intrigued by the removable, washable mattress cover, which isn’t offered on the more bare-bones T&N Original model.

The Mint mattress has two layers of foam on top of a base and feels firmer than what I usually sleep on, but to be fair, I typically pick a softer to medium mattress. Tuft and Needle advertises the mattress as “medium,” though it’s distinctly supportive and felt to me on the firmer side of medium.

The mattress didn’t soften and remained relatively firm, even after sleeping on it for about a month. I found I didn’t sink into the mattress much (for reference, I’m around 140 pounds) and slept on my back more because the firmer support felt better in that position. We expect back sleepers who like a medium-firm feel will enjoy this bed. There was also very little motion transfer, and the mattress is firm enough to support two people, so it’s a good choice for couples as well.

The washable cover keeps the bed fresh

The removable, washable top cover that Mint offers on its Mint and Mint Hybrid Mattresses was a huge draw in my decision to test this bed, since I haven’t seen anything like this in the market. I was skeptical and thought that removing the cover would require a lot of effort, but I was wrong. It was easy to zip off the top, throw it in the wash and zip it back on. I love that it adds an extra layer to keep the bed clean. You should also be aware, however, that the top cover isn’t waterproof or water-resistant like a mattress protector.

The only caveat: If one side of your bed is up against a wall or blocked off, it may be hard to unzip the cover since it zips around all sides. I also appreciated that the fabric, made with a polyester and viscose blend, feels soft to the touch and is ever-so-slightly quilted.

The Mint Mattress is free of odors

Buyers (and reviewers) often complain that some foam beds, especially when new, can off-gas and have an unpleasant odor. We didn’t notice any “new mattress” chemical smells from the Mint Mattress when we opened the vacuum-seal packaging.

The foam in the Mint mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it’s made without formaldehyde and flame retardants, and is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). On top of that, the mattress is also GreenGuard Gold Certified which means it meets strict chemical emission limits of more than 360 VOCs and complies with the California Department of Public Health’s standard evaluation methods.

The Mint has good edge support

Tuft and Needle advertises that the Mint has reinforced foam edges, and I found this mattress does have good edge support. I could sit on the edge without feeling like I would slide off the bed. The top layer is soft, so it has some give, but I could tell the edge was reinforced, making it easy to stand up and sit down.

Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress in box

Tuft and Needle offers in-home setup and old mattress removal

If you don’t want to set up the mattress yourself, Tuft and Needle offers the option to have the bed set up in your home and haul away your old mattress for an extra $150. I didn’t try the in-home setup, but it’s a nice option to have.

What we didn’t like about it

Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress cover showing firm support

The Mint is not the best choice for those who are predominantly side sleepers

If you sleep primarily on your side and like a medium-soft or soft bed, you may find this mattress too firm. I’m a combination back and side sleeper, and I didn’t sleep on my side as much on this mattress because the level of support it provided made the position uncomfortable — it’s much better suited to back sleepers. If you want a softer mattress for side sleeping, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is a better choice.

Cooling performance isn’t as good as competitors, though it is a good value compared to other cooling mattresses

The Mint mattress claims that it’s “topped with 3 inches of T&N Adaptive foam infused with cooling gel and heat-conducting graphite to draw body heat away from you.” While I didn’t get as hot sleeping on this mattress compared to other non-cooling foam mattresses, I found it a touch warmer than the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow or the Leesa Legend Hybrid. I suspect it’s partially due to the removable cover on top, which likely inhibits the cooling elements since you’re not directly in contact with that layer. Also, the fabric cover is made with a blend of polyester and viscose, and may not be especially breathable. However, this mattress is less expensive than the Leesa or Casper, making it a good deal for someone who sleeps slightly on the warm side but not hot and just needs a mattress with enough of a cooling effect to take the edge off a hot night.

Mint’s labeling should be clearer

As with several bed-in-a-box mattresses we’ve tested, the Mint arrived with only general instructions on unrolling the plastic and vacuum-sealed wrap and unpacking the mattress. It doesn’t specify which end of the mattress is meant to be placed at the head or foot of the bed or if there’s any difference. When we spoke to customer service, we learned there isn’t a difference and that Tuft and Needle recommends rotating the bed every six months.

Bottom line

I found this mattress felt firm given its advertised medium firmness level, and would recommend it to back sleepers (especially those who like a lot of support) and couples, but don’t think it would be the best choice for those who sleep mostly on their sides. Nor is this for sleepers who sleep especially hot — it provides a little bit of cooling, but you may want to look elsewhere if that’s your primary concern. The washable top cover — an uncommon feature in mattresses — helps protect the bed and keep it fresh and clean without too much extra work (though it doesn’t replace a mattress protector, as it isn’t water-resistant).