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This we know: It’s hard to keep up with Kim Kardashian West. Especially when it comes to the new product launches coming out of her underwear/shapewear/loungewear megabrand, Skims, which has rolled out everything from super-cozy sweatsuits to my most favorite undies (like, ever) in the past year alone.

Having tested a bunch of Skims merchandise myself, I can attest that the brand is legit. I know, I know, it seems like every other day another celebrity is slapping their name onto a skin care line or an alcohol bottle. But there’s a reason why Kardashian West is a newly minted billionaire — valued at roughly $500 million, Skims is a nimble brand that reacts to what’s happening in the world (e.g., a pandemic) and churns out perfectly timed wares (e.g., those aforementioned sweatsuits) that both look and feel fabulous.

And while pretty much everything available on oozes with sex appeal — from the bodysuits and boxers to the onesies and hosiery — the brand’s latest foray is decidedly different. Enter: socks. Potentially the least sexy item on the planet, socks are, in my opinion, boring. Prior to this story I cared zero about them. I bought them in bulk at Costco and called it a day.

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Leave it to Kardashian West, however, to not only make me realize that socks are in fact cool, but also that I need the exact ones she’s wearing. Previewing the collection on her Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, Kardashian West spent a whopping five minutes introducing the entire line. “You guys! Skims is launching socks. Oh my god, I’m so excited,” she fervently told her 257 million followers, peppering the showcase with styling tips (“I would wear these with slides honestly or sneakers or whatever”) and product notes (“You guys, these socks, they’re just so stretchy and so soft and amazing, you’re gonna love them”).

What led Kardashian West to socks? Well, beyond the natural brand alignment, there was the fact that she herself loves padding around the house in them. “So many people asked me, like every time I would take those pictures in my cotton Skims, like, by my refrigerator and everything, I always had on such amazing, like, cozy socks and so we have our Skims socks!” Added the brand on Instagram: “For the first time ever, we’re taking our expertise on fit, form and function from your underwear to your socks and giving you solutions for every need. Socks don’t get better than this.”

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Comprising four styles and fabrics — the buttery soft Everyday; the sheer, lightweight Hosiery; the ribbed and stretchy Sport; and the ultra-thick Slouch — the collection covers all your sock needs, including no-show options with sneakers, midcalf socks to slip on with boots, thicker sport socks for extra warmth on chilly days and, of course, the ultra-cool slouchy socks that are perfect for the ‘gram — or just lounging around sans social media. More to know: Each style comes in two sizes (6+ and 8+) and a variety of monochromatic hues.

So, I took Kardashian West’s lead and padded around my (much smaller) house in Skims socks for the better part of a week, and I have to say, she’s onto something. While all four fabrics are very different, each is lovely in its own right, and the sock’s design is on point too, hugging the feet and calves at just the right places without pinching or overcompressing. Truly, they are a treat for the feet! And at $10 and under, they don’t break the bank. I’m officially a convert; give them a try and you’ll be sold too.

Everyday Midcalf Sock ($10, or $26 for 3 pairs;

Everyday Mid Calf Sock

Available in nine shades of nude and white, the Everyday collection is incredibly soft and has a silky texture that feels truly delightful on the skin. This midcalf cut is great for boots or for anyone who wants to keep their legs warm while donning skirts this winter.

Everyday Ankle Sock ($8, or $22 for 3 pairs;

 Everyday Ankle Sock

Meet your new go-to sneaker sock. That’s right: This ultra-smooth ankle sock is perfect for pairing with your Golden Gooses and beyond. While the brand says they’re no-show, I did find that they peaked out slightly from my shoes. But they’re 1,000 times comfier than my other no-show socks, which tend to pinch and disintegrate after a few wears. We have to pick our battles, ladies!

Everyday Crew Sock ($10, or $26 for 3 pairs;

Everyday Crew Sock

They call it “everyday” for a reason — you’re going to want to wear these puppies every day. The perfect in-between height (not too tall, not too short!), the crew boasts the same buttery Everyday material we’ve come to be obsessed with.

Hosiery Midcalf Sock ($10, or $26 for 3 pairs;

Hosiery Mid Calf Sock

One thing’s for sure: These aren’t your grandma’s hose! Redefining what hosiery means to us all, this dress sock is thin, breathable, sheer and durable. “I just want you to see how stretchy and sheer the hosiery socks are,” Kardashian West said during her Instagram Story preview of the collection, “because they’re not as thin as regular hosiery, they’re not going to run like that.” How does she recommend we consumers wear this midcalf option? With thigh-high boots, of course!

Hosiery Ankle Sock ($8, or $22 for 3 pairs;

 Hosiery Ankle Sock

Perfect for those fancy flats that tend to give you a blister, the ankle hosiery sock is your solution. The entire collection is rip-resistant and available in four hues: a nude Clay, a light brown Sienna, a dark brown Cocoa and a black Onyx.

Hosiery Crew Sock ($10, or $26 for 3 pairs;

Hosiery Crew Sock

One really can’t have too many sheer socks options, and this crew-height sock will certainly come in handy under pants, denim or, dare we say, paired with a skirt and heels?

Sport Crew Sock ($10, or $26 for 3 pairs;

Sport Crew Sock

Stretchier and thicker than the Everyday crew sock, this Sport option is just that: sportier! Less fancy but still luxe in its fit and feel, it’s a more casual sock that absorbs sweat and will serve you well in sneakers, boots or while snuggled up on your couch.

Slouch Sock ($16;

Slouch Sock

Priced a bit higher than the rest of the collection, the cable knit Slouch is worth the splurge — it’s cozy, it’s cute and it’s got Kardashian West’s seal of approval in dozens of paparazzi photos. While the neutral Bone hue would certainly match her all-white-everywhere manse, the cheery red Brick color is perfect for Christmas this year.