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If you’re a human with a pulse, you’re aware that Kim Kardashian West is a celebrity living on our planet. If you’re one of her 209 million Instagram followers, then you’re also probably aware of her brand Skims, an underwear/shapewear/loungewear company that churns out everything from barely there lingerie to silky and soft pajamas, all in neutral, tonal hues. Worn by Kardashian West herself, her daughters and her circle of sisters; über-famous celebrities, including Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen; and influencers across the globe, the brand has developed a cult following for all of its wares, including its Cozy line.

First launched in late 2019, the collection sold out in a flash and quickly amassed a wait list of more than 500,000 people. (Yes, really!) The good news is that this week, the line is getting a major restock of the original pieces — the tank, robe, shorts and pants — in addition to newer styles like the hoodie, wrap top, joggers and more, not to mention kids’ sizes too. Yes, it’s true, you and your mini-me can have a Skims matching moment!

Why was the Cozy collection such a huge success? Well, for one, it just looks good worn. Sexy, even. And it’s comprised of pieces that can cover you up or show off some skin (or a little of both). Considering it was launched right at the beginning of a pandemic, when social distancing and staying at home was about to become de rigueur, the Cozy line fit the mold of what everyone was looking to wear at that exact moment in time: super-cozy stuff. Lastly, made of a warm, ultra-soft knit material, the collection is actually really cozy in real life.

I know that, because I tested it for myself. Here’s a fun fact: Kardashian West and I are both the same age (40), and we both have four kids, two girls and two boys. Having watched her show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” on and off for the past decade, I can say that that is probably where the similarities end. Regardless, I’ve always been impressed by Kardashian West’s perpetual pushing of boundaries, tuning out the naysayers and forging ahead in media, business and beyond.

So, I tried me some Skims. Initial thoughts upon receiving my Cozy Knit Pants, Tank and Zip-Up Hoodie in “smoke gray” were just how soft and thick the clothes were. Made from a plush boucle yarn, the pieces are generous and downy, and something you want to put on immediately upon unwrapping. (Sadly, the Cozy collection is hand-wash only!)

skims tank 2

First up: The pants. I’m typically a size 4 or 6, and the small/medium size fit great at the waist, though I probably could have sized down. I love the extra-wide waistband, the subtle stretch within the fabric and the high-rise fit, which is always universally flattering. The downside, however, was how long the pants were. I’m 5 feet, 4 inches tall and found them to run almost 10 inches past my ankle, and given their super-wide leg cut, there was no way I would be able to wear them without tailoring or reordering. About that wide leg — I wasn’t prepared for just how wide it was. The pants are exactly 12 inches wide at the hem, landing them firmly in bell-bottom/flare territory.

Next up, I tried the tank. Let me be clear: I love this tank top. The thin straps and plunging, décolleté-revealing neckline give off major sexy vibes, while the soft material just wraps you in cozy comfort. The ribbed, slightly cropped hemline is also very flattering — it can either graze the high waist of the pants or lie flat on top of them. The top’s only downside is that it contains zero support, which is fine for your tummy but not fine for anyone with a fuller bust. A bra would be required, but those skinny straps make finding the perfect one a bit tricky.

skims hoodie 2

Lastly, I threw the zip-up hoodie into the mix. Of all the pieces I tried, this was my favorite. Ultra warm, the cropped sweatshirt is the perfect layering piece for chilly spring days — wear it atop your matching Skims merch, or throw it on over a white tank and jeans as you run errands. Either way, it’s going to be the piece that ties your whole look together, and that is definitely worth its $78 price tag. More to know: While the line’s boucle knit is very warm, it’s also breathable. I was never sweating or overheating while wearing the pieces.

All in all, I think the Skims Cozy line is definitely a splurge for at-home-only leisurewear, but it’s a splurge that comes with some major cache. You’ll know you’re wearing Skims, your neighbor will know you’re wearing Skims and if your partner doesn’t know…well, they will soon, because you’ll definitely want to tell them. Yes, you can find cozy clothes elsewhere for a fraction of the price, but these pieces are actually incredibly well made, cute and warm. Plus, they live up to their name — they’re the coziest things in my closet right now.

Read more about the entire Cozy collection below:

Cozy Knit Wrap Top ($68;

Cozy Knit Wrap Top

Ultra feminine, this long-sleeve wrap top is comfy, warm and sexy too.

Cozy Knit Zip-Up Hoodie ($78;

Cozy Knit Zip-Up Hoodie

The ideal layering piece for chillier days, this hoodie is cute and casual and a must-have for your closet.

Cozy Knit Jogger ($88;

Cozy Knit Jogger

Joggers are always a good idea, and that includes this cozy version. We love the drawstring waistline and cinched ankle cuffs.

Cozy Knit Pullover ($78;

Cozy Knit Pullover

After nearly a year in quarantine, owning an oversized pullover should be mandatory for all. This one is perfectly boxy and features a cute mock neck collar with snaps that we love. Pair it with your own leggings or the Cozy joggers and you’ll be on your way to a super-relaxing day.

Cozy Knit Tank ($52;

Cozy Knit Tank

Equal parts sexy and comfy, this scoop neck tank is perfect with the hoodie and pants.

Cozy Knit Short ($58;

Cozy Knit Short

ICYMI: Biker shorts are a wardrobe staple nowadays. And for those days when you want to ditch the spandex, turn to this ultra-soft, loungy version.

Cozy Knit Pant ($88;

Cozy Knit Pant

Wide-legged and high-waisted, these pants are about to be your new best friend. Remember to size down. And beware: They might be a little long.

Cozy Knit Robe ($128;

Cozy Knit Robe

Splurging on a bathrobe is always something we’re going to approve of, and this one is worth the purchase. Whether you’re throwing it on as you exit the shower or layering it over your pajamas, the soft knit is sure to warm you right up. More to know: A shorter version is also available.