3-underscored satechi trio wireless charger review
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Ever since Apple announced, and subsequently canceled, AirPower, we’ve been wanting an easy way to charge all our Apple devices at once. And other companies have flocked to the market with chargers that can charge an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch.

The latest to hit the market is from Satechi. The Trio Wireless Charging Pad has an Apple Watch charger, a dip that can charge AirPods or AirPods Pro, and a spot to wirelessly charge the iPhone.

It’s available now from Satechi or on Amazon for $119.99. Even better though, you can save 20% on the price on either site with code “CNNSATECHI.” It’s the biggest discount the charger has seen.

Let’s dive into our full thoughts, but it’s safe to say the Trio Wireless Charging Pad accomplishes what it sets out to do.

Sleek and slim with simplicity front and center

4-underscored satechi trio wireless charger review

As with any Satechi product, it aims to be slim and sleek, two words that are closely associated with Apple’s own design principles. And the Trio Wireless Charging Pad doesn’t stray far from that aesthetic.

The charger measures 4.53 by 8.66 by 0.51 inches and is smaller than the 7th Generation iPad, but bigger than an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The top pad is a matte black color that does a good job of hiding fingerprints, although oily finger marks will show up when the light hits it right. The bottom keeps that same matte black theme and has four rubber feet, so it won’t slide around on the table. Effectively, it’s a smart design.

While the majority of the build is plastic, there is a metal edging that acts as a discrete splash of color and goes all around the device. The back side has a USB Type C port for power, which is the only input. Satechi includes a 40-inch USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, along with a 24-watt power plug. US, UK and EU heads are included. You’re ready to travel with it right out of the box, and it won’t weigh down your bag. It’s just 13 ounces.

Branding is minimal, with only a Satechi logo on the top of the pad. The light needs to hit it just right for it to be visible, so it won’t get in the way too much. As of now, the Trio Wireless Charging Pad only comes in black. Overall, it’s a slim design, and the dedicated spots for each device are nice.

Let’s start on the left side with the Apple Watch charger — an approved by Apple part. You can use it lying flat or you can prop the charger up for use with the Nightstand Mode. This way, you can see the Apple Watch, so it can act as an alarm clock. It’ll glow green with the time and the date and you can snooze alarms with the digital crown. It swivels up or down, and when you rest the watch while it’s propped up, there’s a small piece of rubber to ensure no scratches.

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Moving over one spot, you’ll find a dip designed for both AirPods and AirPods Pro. Dropping either case in the dip will start a charge. This is done wirelessly through the Qi standard, and it works almost instantly. The dip is a nice touch and ensures that any bumps or shakes won’t knock the AirPods off the charger.

The right side has a circular rubber stamp that makes it easy to find the sweet spot for charging. A common problem with wireless chargers is struggling to find the magic Qi-enabled spot. Satechi has solved it here, and it’s been a joy to use this on a nightstand in my bedroom or in a hotel room. That rubber spot also means the phone won’t easily be knocked off the charging pad. It’s just a nice design.

A little farther down on the front pad are three LED lights that will glow a soft white when charging is active with any of the three spots, one light for each spot. I really like this and found it an easy way to confirm that power was flowing to each one.

Fast charging all around with object detection

All three devices are charged wirelessly, so you won’t hit the same speeds as if it was a physical plug. But with a 24-watt wall plug, these can each hit fast wireless speeds.

The Apple Watch can hit 2.5 watts, the AirPods get up to 5 watts, and the iPhone can hit up to 7.5 watts. The pad hits decent speeds all around, and charging overnight easily gets you to 100% by the morning.

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And if you generally empty out your pockets and might throw a pair of keys down on the pad by accident, you can relax. Satechi has built in object detection, so it won’t charge objects that don’t need power. Plus, it will monitor the temperature of the unit to ensure no overheating. Both of these are crucial features that not only add convenience, but also make it safe to use.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, Satechi’s Trio Wireless Charging Pad doesn’t have the most high-end design, but for $119.99 you’re getting a sleek charger that can handle what might just be your three core Apple products.

I love using it on my nightstand, and given the relatively small and quite lightweight design, I found myself taking it on trips. In fact, it’s terrific for traveling. I’m really happy with the Trio Wireless Charging Pad, and for now it’s pretty darn close to what AirPower promised.

It’s available direct from Satechi and on Amazon right now for $119.99, and you can use code “CNNSATECHI” to save an additional 20%. That means you can get it for the lowest price yet.

Safe to say, this is essential for just about any Apple user’s nightstand.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.