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We’re always looking for new comfy products, so when we discovered the Rumpl, an adventure blanket made from recycled water bottles, we knew we had to check it out. It touts a soft yet durable fabric that lets you bundle up on the couch, next to the campfire and everywhere in between.

We got our hands on a Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket, one of the brand’s four basic blankets, and ran it through a gauntlet of tests that included scratching it against our brick building, washing it and, of course, plenty of snuggling up on the couch catching up on “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

What is a Rumpl?

Before we get into our experience with the blanket, let’s break down all of the brand’s options. There are four types of blankets: the Original Puffy (starting at $99;, the NanoLoft Puffy (starting at $179;, the Down Puffy (starting at $249; and the Featherlite Down Puffy ($399; The Original Puffy has a junior size ($69; as well as one-person and two-person options, the NanoLoft and Down blankets come in one-person or two-person sizes and the Featherlite Down only comes in the one-person size.

The Original blanket is the most basic option and what you’ll likely want if you’re looking for an all-around great blanket to bring wherever you go. If you camp a lot and plan to use your Rumpl blanket to keep you warm overnight in colder temperatures, opt for the NanoLoft or Down blanket, which are warmer and lighter than the original. If you’re a backpacker or want to save the most amount of space and weight, the Featherlite is the blanket for you.

A soft and durable blanket for every occasion

We tested an Original Puffy Blanket to see if it is in fact as cozy and versatile as advertised. In short, the answer is absolutely yes. After having it for around two weeks, we’re completely obsessed with our Rumpl blanket. It’s super soft and quickly became our go-to blanket for snuggling up on the couch. Our dog loves it too, which is actually great because her hair doesn’t get as stuck on the Rumpl as it does to other blankets.

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Probably our favorite feature of the Rumpl blanket is its cape clip, which allows you to wear the blanket and keep your hands free. There were several days where we opted for the Rumpl over a hoodie when we got cold while working from home (we didn’t show up to any video calls with it on, though we kind of wish we had). But if you do want to wear it on the daily, there are tons of colors and options, from a basic black to a sunset gradient to designs inspired by national parks.

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The Rumpl is also machine-washable, with the site recommending washing it in a front-loading machine on warm or cold without detergent (you can use a detergent-free soap like Grangers Performance Wash) and drying it with low to no heat or hanging it up to dry. After rubbing some charcoal on our blanket, we washed it in a top-loading washer without soap on cold and dried it on low, and it came out the other side like new.

We were surprised by how technical even the base Rumpl blanket is. Its exterior is made with tough 100% recycled 30D ripstop polyester fabric, which actually feels incredibly soft against the skin. But even though it feels smooth and comfy, this material didn’t rip or tear when we rubbed it against a brick building, so you can definitely put it on the ground without worrying about it getting torn up.

The exterior is treated with a durable water-repellent coating (which is used in high-performance rain jackets too), meaning water will bead up and run right off the surface. We threw the blanket in our shower for a few seconds to test this, and the water did in fact stream off and didn’t soak into the fabric at all.

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The interior of the Original blanket is made with a 3D hollow fiber silicon synthetic insulation, which is also made from 100% postconsumer recycled materials. It kept us nice and warm, even when we had our AC on full blast.

These postconsumer materials that Rumpl is all about are made from discarded plastic bottles, which are broken down into pellets, melted into a polyester thread, then turned into both the exterior and interior materials. Each Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket takes 60 plastic bottles out of landfills, with the Junior size removing 16 and the two-person size 100. If you don’t opt for the Original blanket, the NanoLoft still uses recycled bottles for material and takes 50 bottles out of landfills for the one-person and 96 for the two-person. If you go for either of the down options, your blanket won’t use any recycled materials, but it will be filled with sustainably sourced duck or goose down for the normal and Featherlite blankets, respectively.

These sustainable materials are fantastic, but Rumpl also prides itself on other aspects of sustainability. It’s a Climate Neutral Certified brand, which means it offsets the full carbon footprint that its business activity generates by purchasing verified offsets. Plus, it recently became a Certified B Corporation, which is a high standard for overall sustainability, and it participates in 1% for the Planet, which means every year Rumpl donates 1% of all its sales to environmental nonprofits.

The bottom line

The more we used the Rumpl blanket and the more we learned about all the good the brand is doing, we couldn’t help but fall in love. The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is a fantastically comfortable, surprisingly technical blanket that you can truly take anywhere and everywhere you want to stay cozy.