3-underscored ring chime pro review
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Ring is debuting its latest release, the Ring Chime Pro ($49.99). Basically, this is more of a companion device for other Ring doorbells. It sets out to be a louder wireless chime, to improve the connection for your Ring and even be a nightlight.

We’ve been testing it paired with a Video Doorbell 2, Peephole Cam and the Video Doorbell 3 Plus, which is the latest doorbell from Ring (our review of that will be arriving next week).

For now, let’s dive into what we like and don’t like about the Chime Pro.

It’s an unobtrusive device that feels like an Echo Flex

Ring’s original Chime Pro kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. It looked like a radio wave box with bulky antennas facing up from both sides. It was less homey and more mechanical engineering.

The second-generation Chime Pro looks more like an Echo Flex with added home-like elements.

We loved the Echo Flex for its simple design (which didn’t stick out) and for its full access to the Alexa ecosystem. The Chime Pro still plugs into an outlet. But it’s small enough where if you put it in the top spot of a standard double wall outlet, it will cover the top frame while leaving the bottom outlet open. And it’s only one inch thick, so you can tuck it behind a couch or dresser.

It’s a white plastic build with a gray mesh stripe on the front. The mesh is soft to the touch and feels like the outer shell of an Echo Dot with Clock or a 3rd Gen Echo.

1-underscored ring chime pro review

We like this design element, which makes the device presentable for a prime spot in the home. There’s also an embedded blue circular light in the top right corner, which gives Alexa ring vibes, but Ring has always outlined its doorbell ringers in this shade of blue.

The bottom houses an LED strip that is used for a nightlight function that can cast a wide net of light.

Overall, the Chime Pro’s sleeker build means it’s much less obtrusive than its predecessor.

Setup is a snap

4-underscored ring chime pro review

Like any Ring product, be it a smart light or a doorbell, you’ll start in the companion app for iOS and Android.

Set up is quite quick with the Chime Pro. You start by scanning the QR code on the back, plug it into your desired outlet and click next within the app. The device will power up, the LED indicator will glow green in the top right corner and the nightlight will turn on.

Once it starts flashing, you’ll click “Light Is Flashing Green” on the app. You’ll connect it to the Wi-Fi network and the Chime Pro will start speaking instructions.

It’s a cool note, but not needed as the app moves fast. When connecting it to the network, you will need to reauthenticate. This isn’t the same process as adding smart lights, which remembers the credentials (likely on the Bridge). After that, you’ll receive a software update and then you’re set.

Within the Ring app, you’ll be able to customize the name and location of the Chime Pro. This is handy if you have multiple chimes or if you move it around. You can also check the connectivity as you want it somewhere in the middle of where your router is and where the doorbells are located.

Ring allows you to turn the nightlight on or off, set hours when the Chime won’t go off and even find your desired Ring. You’ll have access to seasonal chimes as well, which is a nice touch.

You can also choose to have the Chime Pro extend the network for other Ring devices. This was handy in our test setup as we utilized three smart doorbells from Ring. It helps to spread the connectivity and we were able to bump a two-bar signal to a three-bar for the Video Doorbell 2, which is in the rear of the house. We wish this could also extend connectivity for Ring’s Smart Lights.

You’ll be able to hear your doorbell

2-underscored ring chime pro review

A big advantage with Ring is that it makes wireless chimes, so you can set up as many as needed to hear your doorbell throughout your house. Of course, this is in addition to getting mobile notifications.

We also like that it keeps the classic doorbell experience.

This is about twice as loud and the audio appears to be less compressed in comparison to the regular Chime. This is likely an element of the mesh covering, which features more holes for audio to be heard.

There’s an abundance of chimes to choose from and you can also set the Chime Pro for motion alerts. These alerts are equally loud and sound when a doorbell or camera pick up motion.

Bottom line

At $49.99, the Chime Pro is an affordable way to breathe new life into your Ring smart system. It can improve the Wi-Fi to your doorbells or cameras, packs a punch with a loudspeaker and even features a nightlight.

And if you don’t need the nightlight or the Wi-Fi extender, you can save $20 and opt for the updated base Chime.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.