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Rent the Runway’s newest feature makes a subscription even more useful

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Do you have an important event, formal party or wedding coming up? Then you’re going to want to Rent the Runway. Even if you just want to start dressing better on a daily basis, we can’t recommend this clothing rental service enough.

The online service, which provides designer clothing and accessory rentals, was launched in 2009 with the goal of allowing everyday women access to fashionable clothing. The idea of the service, which has over 9 million members and partners with more than 600 brands, is to let women rent high-fashion garments instead of buying them. RTR subscribers have access to everything from formal dresses and cocktail attire to work-appropriate clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and more. Clothing ranges in size from 0 to 22. All of it is name-brand, designer clothing.

How it works

When customers place a one-time order with Rent the Runway, they can request a backup size at no additional cost to ensure the item fits. If you’re dressing up for a wedding or special occasion, you can order the same dress in two sizes and choose which one fits better.

Now, Rent the Runway also offers the option to Rent the Runway Unlimited ($159.99; Right now, RTR even has a promo going where new users can pay just $80 per month for the first two months of Unlimited. Use code “SOSMART” to redeem. With this subscription package, customers can select any four items at a time and swap them out as many times as they’d like within a month’s time. How many items you can rent basically depends on how often you want to wear and replace your items.

To return items, Rent the Runway includes a prepaid shipping label. Depending on where you live, you may also have the option to return your clothes at convenient drop-off locations. As an added plus, Rent the Runway will handle all dry cleaning when clothes are returned.

Drum roll please — a brand new RTR feature

RTR Kids Embed

ent the Runway is now expanding its offerings. On April 14, Rent the Runway Kids will launch. That means parents with growing children can avoid purchasing clothes that kids will grow out of in just a few months.

These new offerings for kids will function as an extension to RTR’s current Unlimited and Reserve subscription services. These services, which allow members to rent up to four pieces of clothing or accessories for a set fee, will allow busy parents to also rent pieces for their children under the same subscription plan. For instance, a mom could rent two pieces for herself and two for her kids. That makes for the perfect mommy-and-me dressing during special occasions or for everyday use.

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