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Adjusting to working remotely requires both a physical space reset and a mental one, and it can be a challenging transition. The Remote Work and Productivity course bundle ($29.99; store.cnn.com) is a great place to start if you’re looking to get the most out of working from home. For just shy of $30, you’ll get seven courses that cover a wide range of topics.

This course bundle is extremely thorough, covering both personal and professional habits to set for yourself to be a high achiever, and you get a wide range of information at a low price.

The courses range from “Coronavirus & Remote Work Tools” to “How to Work from Home Doing Freelance Gigs.” They have different instructors, and they vary in length and depth of interaction. Some have assignments for you outside the course, while others show you how to use online tools to get started. We’ve zeroed in on three of the seven courses, so you can get a better feel for what’s being covered.

7 Habits of High Achievers

underscored remote work bundle habits

This course is broken down by habit. Habit #1 is “Aligning With Your Passion” and Habit #7 is “Getting Hyper-Explosive Results Through Building A Team.” It covers a lot of ground in a short time. With this course you’ll actually receive assignments. They’re nothing crazy, and they won’t add much to the to-do list you might already be stressing about. The assignments are outside activities for you to follow through and put action to intentions. For example, in Habit #4, “How to Develop a Positive Reference Group,” you’ll focus on creating a positive social environment for yourself, based on the idea that you become who you hang out with. Your assignment then is to find a social media network of like-minded people, seminars, and other events that will put you in the room with others trying to achieve goals similar to your own.

The videos in this course are on the short side, which we preferred, and are mostly of text from a slide show. They can get a bit dull to watch, as there isn’t much on the screen to engage with beyond the text and the occasional image. The instructor also reads most of what’s being displayed on the screen. While we do wish there were a bit more to interact with on screen, the videos are short enough that it’s not difficult to pay attention.

Managing Reptilian Brain Tendencies in Fearful Times

This is the shortest course in the bundle. There are three video lessons totaling just under an hour of content. This course was recorded very recently, which is great because it’s tailored toward stress surrounding the covid-19 crisis. Reptilian brain tendencies are instinctive tendencies regarding self-protection and survival. The term also encompasses habits we’ve committed to memory and can do without consciously thinking about the actions — like how you’ll never forget how to ride a bike.

These videos are more psychology-based. You get insight into why the world’s stress seems at an all-time high and how you can combat that stress in your own life. We liked this course, given the fact that it’s super relevant to the crises of the moment and provides strategies for overcoming the obstacles in the way right now. It also gives an overall confidence boost that can be applied to productivity while working at home.

Online Business - Work from Home

underscored remote work bundle online business

This is another course that isn’t too lengthy. The videos are longer than the ones in the course previously mentioned, maxing out at 28 minutes. The videos feature an accountant who now works entirely online. They clearly state he isn’t a marketing professional, but you are learning from someone who has already made the transition to working remotely. The course walks you through how to set up an online business, how to work with different screencasting and editing software, and how to host online meetings.

These videos are on the longer side and fairly in-depth. You’re watching screen recordings of how to use different tools and services to build your own website and get a business off the ground. The course is really simple and covers all of the starting points. If you’re looking to grow and expand a business that’s already up and running, you’ll want to check out the other courses within the bundle for further learning. Still, this is a solid jumping-off point.

Bottom line

If you’ve struggled with the move to working from home, or are just looking to boost your motivation and productivity, the Remote Work and Productivity Bundle will definitely help get you where you want to be. The courses cover a wide range of topics ranging from business-specific advice to overall personal habits for higher productivity.

The courses vary in length and depth. We liked that some videos are longer than others and that the courses are presented by different instructors. Getting multiple opinions and hearing different perspectives makes for a well-rounded course bundle. With in-person seminars and events postponed for now, an online learning course bundle like this is a great place to keep up productivity and boost your business.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.