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Summer’s here, and it’s time for cold brew coffee. Delicious straight from the carafe, over ice or with milk, cold brew coffee is the perfect solution to your warm-weather refreshment and caffeination needs. As we tested the leading cold brew gear, we loved Ovalware’s upscale design, ease of use and simple-to-read markings, and wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking for a great value in an aesthetically pleasing coffee maker.

The best cold-brew coffee maker for design lovers
Easy to use and a handsome addition to a breakfast table, the Ovalware Airtight RJ3 Cold Brew Maker is as straightforward as any of the cold brewers we tested, and one of the most upscale design-wise, without feeling fussy.

What we loved about it

Aesthetically pleasing, and possibly even more user-friendly, Ovalware’s Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser With Spout is perfect for making cold brew for one or two, as it yields 1 liter (or about 4 1/4 cups) of delicious, smooth coffee with a solid punch.

Making cold brew with the Ovalware brewer is simple. The device uses a metal filter that you simply fill with grounds to the top, then slowly pour room-temperature water over until you reach the “MAX” line marked clearly on the thick glass carafe. Then you stir it and put the carafe in the fridge overnight, stirring occasionally. The longer you leave it to brew, the stronger your coffee will be (Ovalware recommends leaving it to brew for no more than 24 hours). Once you’re satisfied with the brew, you take out the filter; your coffee will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

The filter is bound at the top by a rubber ring that seals it in place. The metal lid also is equipped with a rubber ring to seal the whole pitcher during brewing and storage, and a third rubber ring fits around the bottom of the glass carafe to prevent breakage and slipping during use. The glass-metal-rubber combination feels good in your hands, if you like a tactile kitchen tool experience and feels more luxurious than you’d expect for the price.

The RJ3 is designed in a conical shape, making it feel most organically like a coffee-brewing device. The carafe is clearly marked in cup and milliliter measurements, for users who may want to brew less than the maximum.

What we didn’t like about it

The primary reason the Ovalware didn’t take the top spot in our testing is because the carafe handle is also made of glass. While the construction seems solid and we didn’t have any issues in our time with it, we harbored some anxiety about breaking the handle off during the testing process.

If you’re careful in the kitchen and aren’t worried about small children or household pets disturbing the handle on this one, we wholeheartedly recommend it.

How it compares to the other cold brew coffee makers we recommend

Best overall cold brew coffee maker
Best cold brew coffee maker for design lovers
Best cold brew coffee maker for travel
What we loved

The Hario Mizudashi is sleek, sophisticated and streamlined. It's among the simplest to assemble and use, and it executed an exemplary brew in about the shortest time span and looked snazzy doing it.

The Ovalware RJ3 is pleasingly easy to use and a handsome visual addition to a breakfast table. As straightforward as any of the brewers, this was one of the most upscale design-wise, without feeling fussy.

Affordable and unbreakable, the Takeya cold brew maker is great for taking with you wherever you want a cool, refreshing coffee drink.

What we didn't like

The Hario uses a lot of plastic parts, and while they are well built, they may not appeal to those looking to avoid the material.

The glass handle feels more fragile and while we didn't run into any problems, we worry that in a high-traffic household with kids or pets or under heavy use it might break over time.

The plastic construction means it doesn't feel as high-end as some of the other brewers and it can leak when turned on its side for brewing if you aren't careful.

Key specs

1 liter capacity; plastic and glass construction with steel mesh filter; available in brown, black or red

1 liter capacity; all glass carafe, all steel filter

1.8 liter capacity; all-plastic construction

Price $35.99 $32.99 $24.98