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As quarantine continues it can be hard to find moments of peace and relaxation. A great way to ground and center yourself can be meditation. Omvana is a meditation app that will have you relaxed in no time. Better yet, you can get a year subscription for just $39.99 (from $59.99).

The app offers meditative content in the form of over 500 tracks. Each session offers something different. Some sessions are motivational lessons, some are just sounds for you to fall asleep to and some are even hypnosis sessions.

Throughout our time using Omvana we found ourselves looking forward to our meditation sessions. A lot of the content was really inspiring and definitely helped improve our day. And we did the hard work of exploring and testing everything Omvana has to offer – let’s dive into it.

App navigation and meditations

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Once you create your Omvana account you have full access to the loads of content the app has to offer. There’s a menu bar along the bottom of the screen that lets you tap between today, classes, library, allies and your profile. The today tab provides options for you to choose from based on the day. Think of it like your Omvana news feed. The classes tab offers meditation programs that span over a period of multiple sessions. Classes include picks like “Creative Visualization” and “Extraordinary By Design”.

The library section offers you the option to search for meditations, filter by author, access your saved tracks and scroll through the most popular meditations on the app and browse by category. The allies tab runs you through all of the authors you can find on the app who guide you through meditations. Lastly, your profile is where you’ll find your account information and other things like saved meditations and previous purchases.

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The app is chock-full of content. At times, it was a little overwhelming to scroll through and pick which session we wanted to listen to. With so many options to choose from we had to know what we were looking for when we opened the app otherwise it was easy to get distracted by the smorgasbord of meditation sessions. We found the easiest way to navigate the app and find a session was to utilize the categories in the library tab. There are 17 categories to choose from ranging from options like “confidence,” “money mindset” and “focus”.

Once you’ve honed in on a category there are different session titles and time ranges listed. This helped us narrow things down even further. Session times are pretty wide in range from as short as five minutes to as long as an hour. The range in session times is a huge bonus because it really helps you customize your experience while using the app. If you know you need to take 10 minutes out of your day to shift your focus you can find a session to fit precisely in your time range.

What we liked most about Omvana was that it offered not only guided meditations and hypnosis sessions but it also offered motivational podcast style sessions to help you focus on improving yourself in all aspects of life. Omvana states that the app sets out to help people improve their performance, elevate their productivity, relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels, improve focus and achieve better sleep. We’d agree that the app offers options in all of these areas of improvement and self focus. It offers meditation sessions that fully engage you so that you’re thinking about only the topic at hand and not the rest of your to do list, which we loved.

Omvana offers sessions from authors, motivational speakers, storytellers and life coaches. But the organization is a little confusing. We found ourselves preferring to search for sessions by area of focus. Once we tried a couple of sessions with different instructors we could then search by name the instructors we really liked to find other material they’ve created for the app.

All in all we enjoyed the way the app was laid out, all of the content it had to offer and the different ways you can customize your experience.

Bottom line

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A subscription to Omvana for the discounted price of $39.99 is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a meditation and wellness app to help improve your daily life and reduce your stress levels.

There are over 500 sessions on the app to choose from and the content of each session is high quality. The sessions are led by instructors who are experts in mindfulness, motivation and meditation and we liked that you could search by instructor. Additionally, the wide range in time and subject for sessions was also a huge bonus for us so you can truly tailor your Omvana experience.

A lifetime subscription to Omvana is discounted to $99.99 from $299.