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Mophie is a powerhouse when it comes to charging and power, so if you’re looking to update your home office setup and reduce wire clutter, the 3-in-1 wireless charging pad is a great choice.

What’s a 3-in-1 charger? Well, it’s one solution to charge AirPods, an iPhone and the Apple Watch. Basically, you’re getting three chargers in one, which helps justify the price of $139.95. Better yet, it’s on-sale for $105.99 on Amazon. That might seem like a lot to pay for a charger, but the convenience and the quick charge it provides make it worth it.

We’ll break down the design and charging capabilities, but we’re definitely fans for it’s aesthetic and the convenience of charging three devices at once.

The design

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There are designated spots for each of your devices, which is an awesome feature. Your gadgets stay organized and the space isn’t cluttered.

Make sure you clip the watch charger in when you set up the pad. We didn’t stick the charger in all the way at first, but after pushing it further, we heard a click and it started to work.

If you use the wireless charging AirPods, the designated spot works great. Mophie lists AirPods Pro as being compatible as well.

The charging pad is definitely sleek and needs only one thin, easily hidden wire to connect to a power source. The cord and charging stand both come in the box and are really easy to put together. It sits neatly on a desktop, countertop or a nightstand.

The charging pad comes in both a solid glass top and a fabric top, both of which work nicely with any room aesthetic. This is an impressive design because the designated spots for each item is nice and the angle of the watch charger works well with Nightstand mode, which turns your watch screen horizontally so you’re easily able to see the current time, the charge, and the time of any alarms you may have set for the next morning.

The charge

underscored mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad review

Mophie is known for its high-quality battery power and the 3-in-1 wireless features 7.5 W fast charging capabilities.

It also features the latest Qi technology for charging on contact, and the charge itself is definitely quick. The iPhone picked up charge as soon as it was placed on the pad.

Mophie states phones will charge through cases up to 3mm thick. We used the DualPro from Incipio and had no issues even though the case is heavy-duty.

When you lay your phone on the charging mat, you’ll see a small LED light on the front side of the charging pad light up to let you know the device is charging. There’s another small LED in the same spot in front of the designated section for your AirPods.

The Apple Watch switches to its nightstand mode, if enabled, to indicate charging. Or you will see a green bubble center at the top of the display to know it’s charging.

The phone and AirPod charging slots didn’t get hot while charging, but the watch charger and watch definitely became warmer. And the watch wasn’t fully charged when we noticed it getting warm.

Bottom Line

The $139.95 price for the 3-in-1 charging pad can be considered high, but Mophie puts delivers high quality products. The only con we found was that our Apple Watch got hot during charging even if only for 10 to 15 minutes. The iPhone and AirPod charging spots stayed cool, which was a mega pro.

This charging pad offers ultimate convenience when it comes to reducing wire clutter and keeping your devices in one central charging location. The design is classy and will fit in with most designs and color schemes. It should also be noted that the charging pad is extremely lightweight.

If you’re someone who travels a lot for work and doesn’t want to pack multiple chargers for their different devices, this is definitely the best option.

The convenience, quick charge and overall design and look of the 3-in-1 charging pad from mophie make it a great option if you’re looking for a new charger to keep your devices and wires organized.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.