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From smart bulbs to stick-on lights like Nanoleaf Light Panels, there are plenty of gadgets out there to light up a room. But none we’ve seen are quite like the Mogics Coconut Light.

No, this is not the first minimalistic glowing sphere to show up on the market, but it is the most versatile. The Coconut Light is rechargeable and waterproof, and it can be inflated and deflated at a moment’s notice. This is thanks to its silicon construction and watertight bottom panel, which protects the removable LED light and charging port. And though it toes the line between utility and novelty, it’s certainly unique.

You can find the Coconut Light on for $36.99, down from $49. It comes in both standard and multicolor, or you can pick up a two-pack for $69.99, down from $98.

A delightful, durable glow

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We got to try out the standard (monotone) version of the Coconut Light and had a good time lighting it up, floating it around and knocking it off tables. Seeing as it’s more like a toy ball than a bulb, you don’t have to worry about breaking it when it takes a tumble. When fully inflated, it has no trouble staying afloat. You can partially fill it with water and submerge it too. Sadly, we had no swimming pool available to enjoy that feature.

Inside the sphere is an LED light, which has several brightness settings and a breathing mode. To swap these modes, all you have to do is press an inlaid button on the bottom or push from the top if it’s standing upright. The protective panel is equipped with small nubs that stabilize it on a flat surface.

Unfortunately, there’s no app to control the light. However, it does come with an 8-foot Micro USB to USB-A charging cable, a hanging strap, stickers to seal the air vent and a little carrying bag to fold it into (with some effort). The air vent does a reasonable job at keeping the light inflated, but you’ll have to rely on the limited sticker supply for the best results.

Bottom line

We had a lot of fun with the Mogics Coconut Light. It isn’t going to light up an entire room, but it’s a neat mood light you can place on a table or toss in the bath. It leaves a bit to be desired — namely an app for remote control. But for a rechargeable light that you can take with you anywhere, wet or dry, it certainly accomplishes that.

The Coconut Light can be found on for $36.99, originally $49. There are also two-packs available for $69.99, down from $98.