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Few tools are more essential to cooking than a set of measuring spoons and cups, but these Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons may be even more crucial than most. With their twin heads, one slender enough to allow easy access to spice jars and other narrow vessels, they do twice the work of other spoon sets (which means half the dishes to wash), all while ensuring you will never waste time looking for a misplaced measuring device again.

While other spoon sets have to be linked together with a master ring or chain, which makes precise measuring awkward at best, these stay neatly nested together, thanks to a magnetic center, saving storage space but, more importantly, allowing you to set up your mis en place without the usual constraints.

Made of stainless steel and clearly marked with both liquid and dry measurements from 1/8 teaspoon/.62 ml to 1 tablespoon/15ml, these spoons are ideal for all your cooking and baking needs, and available in standard black and, for those who like pops of color in the kitchen, a brighter palette.

In a head-to-head (to head) comparison, these Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons outperform the competition, and even add a bit of fun to meal prep, all for well under $25.

These Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons have twice the functionality of other sets and are able to access narrow containers, plus they’re as easy to store and keep track of as they are fun to use. With a choice of colors, they fit into any kitchen aesthetic and make a great gift for the cook in your life.

How I found the Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons

I am very particular about my kitchen tools, demanding great functionality but also appealing design, and finding the two can lead me on an exhaustive search, especially when it’s for an item that I know I will use every day.

When it came to buying measuring spoons, I originally spared expense on a quality set because I knew it would be one of those tools I’d hold often and own forever. And so I splurged on the perfectly shaped, heavy gauge stainless steel set — and they’re currently resting unused in my utensil drawer since I discovered the joy of magnets.

I was initially drawn to these magnetic measuring spoons because of how neatly they looked nested together, and how much more orderly I imagined they’d make my unruly utensil drawer. And measuring spoons are something you can never have enough of — who wants to pause to wash sticky honey out of a teaspoon so it can be reused for salt? However, once they graced my kitchen, these Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons very quickly became the only spoons I needed.

Each spoon sports two heads, so it’s like having two sets of spoons, and twice the measuring capacity, at my disposal. No more rushing to the sink to rinse because a recipe called for a 1/2 teaspoon of several different spices. And speaking of spices, I had recently found my ideal spice rack, which happens to contain tall glass jars too narrow for traditional measuring spoons. The slender oval side of these Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons, however, fits perfectly.

The spoons are stainless steel, and while not as heavy as my drawer-bound quality set (they will bend with a little effort), they are sufficiently sturdy enough for any ingredients you need to measure. The stainless is also easy to clean and won’t discolor the way another plastic-coated magnetic set I tried did. But the best quality by far is the magnetic center, which keeps these spoons from getting lost or misplaced and allows them to stack together compactly when not in use. At $12.79 on Amazon with free next-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, these Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons are a bargain you shouldn’t pass up.

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Why they’re a score

Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons are a game changer in the kitchen. Once you try them, you’ll never want to go back to flipping through spoons on a ring like a set of keys, or awkwardly spooning out sugar while half teaspoons and tablespoons dangle and jangle in your way. These measuring spoons are for cooking what Bluetooth is for audio. Cut the cord!

Thanks to the magnetic center, they also stick together even when they’re not nested neatly in perfect formation, so it’s easy to keep track of them even when one or several are in use. And in truth, there is something just so satisfying about the sensory pleasure of clicking them into place. The magnets are not industrial strength, but they’ll attach to a knife strip or refrigerator door if you prefer to store them in either of those places. It is true that on occasion, that magnetism can go awry, and a stray spoon can get stuck to a sheet pan or mixing bowl. But that’s generally pretty quickly spotted and corrected, and in no way detracts from the extreme benefits and, OK, fun, of magnetic measuring spoons.

The dual-headed design is also a clever way to double the number of measuring spoons at your fingertips without creating any more utensils to clean or sacrificing storage space. Similarly, having a narrow head and a wide one for each size spoon, from 1/8 teaspoon up to a tablespoon, spoils you with options. No more having to double-sip two half teaspoons of cumin because your round teaspoon wouldn’t fit in the jar — these spoons allow you to access narrow containers with ease. And they look good doing it.

Bottom line

Measuring spoons are one of the most fundamental pieces of cooking equipment, and it’s rare to see an upgrade of such a simple, basic tool that actually adds functionality to the table, but the Dual-Sided Magnetic Measuring Spoons do just that. By allowing you to cook unencumbered with twice as many measurements that can access more containers, these spoons are a great way to streamline your work in the kitchen. They also keep your drawers neat and organized, and for a price tag way under $20, that’s a pretty sweet deal.