LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In
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In case you missed it, Jennifer Aniston launched a hair line last month dubbed LolaVie. Combining natural ingredients, sleek packaging and a seriously delicious scent, the brand’s first product, the Glossing Detangler, is a total home run. I tested it out on myself and my young daughters, and we all quickly became devotees — for me, I love that it’s a protectant and the shiny, bouncy hair results it delivers; for my girls, it’s 100% because the Detangler actually works, getting rid of the tangles and knots that previously left them in tears nightly.

So when I heard LolaVie was rolling out a second product, the Perfecting Leave-In, I was pumped to test it out. Meant to work in conjunction with the Glossing Detangler, the Leave-In is an ultra-hydrating conditioning cream that aims to repair damaged strands, fight frizz and provide a light hold for styling — all the things pretty much everyone wants for their hair post-shower, right? Right.

The rundown: Multifunctionality is key

Perfecting Leave-In

The fact this is meant to be a multitasking hero product makes sense, because according to Aniston, LolaVie is a totally product-focused company. “These days, people are loyal to specific products, not brands,” she tells CNN Underscored. “The products need to work. I want everyone to know LolaVie delivers multifunctional hair care products that solve real problems without harmful ingredients. And hopefully LolaVie products can simplify their routine and make them feel confident.”

That’s right: Like the Detangler, the Leave-In’s chief selling point is that it works overtime to make our morning glam sessions faster. (Secondary selling points: It’s also all natural and cruelty-free!) Comprised of Rose of Jericho, a superfruit complex of coconut lipids, Amaranthus squalane and acai fatty acids; chia seed mucilage; and bamboo essence, the fancy-sounding ingredients work in unison to offer all those aforementioned benefits. And because the product is so effective, the brand says you can opt to either pair it with the Detangler daily or use it only when you want more styled and finished results.

The lowdown: Salon-quality results

As I mentioned before, the Detangler has become a key component in my hair care arsenal — which is to say, my LolaVie expectations are high, as was my scrutiny upon testing out this latest drop.

My very first thought upon pairing the Leave-In and the Detangler together was, “Wow, they look really freaking cool together on my counter.” Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Like something you find in a really expensive hotel suite, the minimalist white bottles feature chic black fonts and have a velvety texture that is totally unique. When side by side, they’re pretty to look at, and I’d be lying if I said they wouldn’t look cute on the ‘gram.

Perfecting Leave-In

Next up was actually testing the product. Per the brand’s recommendation, I washed, conditioned and towel-dried my hair, then sprayed the Detangler and combed. Finally, I dispensed the Perfecting Leave-In via its sleek black pump and applied the lightweight but creamy conditioner from the middle of my head to the tips of my hair. Unlike other creams I’ve tried that tend to be so thick they sort of glom onto certain sections of the hair, the Leave-In easily glided through my hair. “Glided” is the key word here — the product isn’t sticky or thick or watery; it’s somehow concentrated but lightweight at the same time, and that consistency makes getting the product onto each strand of your hair a cinch.

The entire process took under a minute, and like the Detangler, the Leave-In smells incredible. It gives off a fresh herbal scent that lingered in my hair all day long — long after blow-drying and styling. I love this detail. My hair smelled like I’d been at a salon, despite it just being a regular Tuesday.

After applying the Leave-In, I blow-dried and styled my hair with hot rollers — yes, I do this every day, and no, it’s not the 1960s — and that’s when my scrutiny kicked into high gear. My hair is naturally straight, and because of that, it’s not great at holding any sort of styling, especially when exposed to the elements. Once the Leave-In was applied, however, my hair was far more successful at maintaining my beloved bouncy curls instead of falling flat and limp within a few minutes of walking outside. While the curls did loosen as time went on, the tips stayed curled, and at the end of the day my hair still had a finished look to it.

Bottom line: A post-wash must-have

After using the Perfecting Leave-In multiple times (always with the Detangler), I can say that my hair looks and feels much healthier. When styled, it’s smoother and shinier, I’ve got more volume and the hair breakage/damage issues I was having prior to using these products have become a thing of the past.

The more I use LolaVie, the more I like, trust and depend on the brand. Prior to now, I’ve never really put a post-shower product in my hair, but LolaVie has me hooked — all it took was America’s hair icon to share her secrets to get me there.