logitech litra glow lead

Whether you spend a lot of time on video calls or are serious about your Twitch or YouTube channel, you’re going to need good lighting. Sure, a ring light might be enough, but those can be unwieldy. And if you want something more premium and customizable, you may be looking at a serious investment of $100 or more. Fortunately, the $60 Logitech Litra Glow provides an excellent middle ground between the two.

This LED light is designed specifically for content creators, but its compact build and relatively attainable price make it a great option for anyone who wants to look better on camera from their home office — especially if that office is a dimly lit bedroom.

Wondering if the Litra Glow is for you? Here’s what I think after a few weeks of working and streaming under the glow of Logitech’s new light.

A great streaming and WFH light

The Logitech Litra Glow is a reliable and compact solution for looking brighter and more true-to-life on camera.

The who, what and how

Who it’s for: The $60 Logitech Litra Glow is primarily aimed at content creators who want a compact and high-quality light for livestreams and videos. It can also be useful for anyone who’s stuck in a dim home office and wants to look better on Zoom calls. This light is extra ideal for folks with a Logitech G keyboard or mouse, which you can use to control the light with a quick keystroke.

What you need to know: The Logitech Litra Glow is a highly portable streaming LED light with a number of useful adjustment options. It clamps easily to most screens and sports onboard controls for tweaking the brightness and color temperature. It aims to deliver accurate skin tones via Logitech’s TrueSoft technology, and is built to keep your eyes from getting strained over long periods of use.

How it compares: The Litra Glow is in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing — it’s more expensive than the many cheap ring lights out there, but much more affordable than other premium lighting options like the $130 Corsair Key Light Air. It stands out from many rivals thanks to its compact design that can sit at the top of your monitor, as well as its Logitech keyboard and mouse support for easy control. The Corsair Key Light has similar integrations with Corsair and Elgato products, making it worth considering for folks deeper into that ecosystem.

A super-compact design that works in any setup

logitech litra glow design

Compared to a typical ring light — which can often demand a lot of desk space — the Litra Glow is delightfully tiny. The light itself is a small 3.6-by-3.6-inch rounded square, and it screws on to an included monitor mount that can adjust between about 8 and 14 inches. The whole setup weighs just over 6 ounces when you put it all together, making it super bag-friendly.

The plastic monitor mount is a breeze to use, and I was able to securely clamp it to a number of displays within seconds. It’s very adjustable — you can rotate the light 360 degrees and raise it up or down, and there’s a generous amount of tilt so that you can make sure the light is hitting your face just right. And if you’d rather position the Litra Glow somewhere else, such as the side of your desk or on a table for a TikTok video, you can simply unscrew the light and affix it to any standard tripod mount.

logitech litra glow rear

Still, the fact that the Litra Glow sits unobtrusively at the top of my monitor just might be my favorite thing about it. When I use my ring light, I typically have to frantically declutter my messy desk to make room, or rest it on a bunch of boxes for a good high angle (yes, I’ve done that a few times). But the Litra Glow is always just there in the right spot, ready to illuminate my face with a quick button press.

Speaking of controls, the Litra Glow has a handful of buttons on its rear for turning the light on or off as well as adjusting the brightness and color temperature. It took me a little while to get used to the buttons since they’re behind the light, but I found them fairly easy to reach with the Litra Glow resting on my monitor, and eventually got comfortable adjusting the brightness and warmth by feel. I much prefer controlling the Litra Glow with my Logitech keyboard, but we’ll get to that part below.

Strong lighting quality for the price

logitech litra glow with webcam 2

Despite its small frame, the Litra Glow did a very dependable job of keeping me well-lit whether I was streaming on Twitch or hopping on conference calls.

To see how big a difference Logitech’s little light made, I took a series of photos in less-than-deal lighting on a Logitech C920 (our best webcam pick) with the Litra Glow both on and off. There was a noticeable improvement with the Litra Glow activated — not only was my skin tone much more accurate-looking, but finer details such as my birthmarks and the stubble of my beard were much clearer.

I found the light to be slightly harsh-looking with the color temperature set to the cooler side, but the warmer settings consistently made me look true-to-life. I put the Litra Glow up against my $13 OldShark ring light, and while there wasn’t a dramatic difference between the two, my colleagues noted that I looked more natural and less blown out on Logitech’s light.

logitech litra glow photo sample

I also noticed a pretty significant bump in video quality with the light on (better lighting generally means better frame rate, which results in smoother video), as my movements looked far more fluid and lively than the somewhat stuttery footage I was getting in low light. The Litra Glow was also my only real source of light during a nearly hour-long livestream I conducted at night using a Logitech StreamCam, and kept my video looking bright and fluid throughout.

The Litra Glow uses a frameless diffuser (the same technology found in many home lighting options) to cast a large amount of soft light from its tiny frame while keeping eye strain at a minimum. That could be a big reason why I’ve found Logitech’s light to be pretty easy on the eyes during prolonged use — even with the brightness set to full blast.

Useful features — especially if you have a Logitech keyboard or mouse

logitech litra glow software

Like many Logitech accessories, the Litra Glow has a fair amount of customization options via the Logitech G Hub app for PC and Mac. You can use the app to cycle through six different presets that run the gamut from very cool to very warm, or manually tweak the color temperature and brightness and save them to your own custom profiles. The software is easy enough to use, but the Litra Glow really comes to life when paired with a Logitech G keyboard or mouse.

If you have a Logitech keyboard with programmable “G” keys, such as the Logitech G815 I’ve been using, you can assign any of the Litra Glow’s presets or controls to them. For example, I currently have one G key that turns the light on and off, some dedicated to specific presets and two that I can use to lower or raise the brightness.

There’s something really delightful about being able to control the light right from your keyboard, and it’s certainly easier than reaching around the back of the device to turn it off or adjust the color temperature. While compatible Logitech gaming keyboards can be on the pricier side, you can get an older model such as the $80 G613 to use this feature. You can also assign lighting controls to the click buttons on many Logitech G mice, which start at a much cheaper $40 and are on sale often. I’m not saying you should go out and buy a Logitech G keyboard or mouse just for the Litra Glow, but it sure makes using one a whole lot more intuitive and fun.

The Litra Glow isn’t the only streaming light to have this functionality — Elgato’s Key Light series can also be controlled from the company’s Stream Deck for easy access to brightness and temperature adjustment. However, these lights are far more expensive at $130 for the Key Light Air and $200 for the Key Light, making them better for folks willing to invest in larger, brighter light sources.

Bottom line

logitech litra glow design 2

If you want to look better on camera and are willing to pay up for something more compact and customizable than a ring light, the $60 Logitech Litra Glow is an excellent option. Its adjustable lighting will help you look true-to-life anywhere, and its travel-friendly design clamps easily to just about any monitor, laptop screen or tripod. If you own a Logitech G keyboard or mouse, being able to adjust the light with a few quick keystrokes or clicks is a total game-changer.

That said, a standard ring light will cost you way less — even our pick for the best ring light, this 10-inch Emart option, will run you half the price at $30. But you’ll need a fair amount of desk space to properly set one up, and similarly compact rivals such as the $130 Elgato Key Light Air will run you way more money.

That makes the Litra Glow a great halfway point between the two, whether you’re working your way towards Twitch stardom or just want to look more presentable during those dreaded one-on-ones with your boss.