Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal
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The keto diet is one of the most popular — yet difficult to adhere to — diets to garner our collective attention in the past few years. As always with a new diet, there are some foods that are off-limits, and sugary cereal seems to always be one of them.

Enter Kashi, the cereal brand you may know for its wide array of whole-grain, low-sugar cereals and snack bars. With its new Kashi Go Keto cereal, the Kellogg’s-owned brand is launching its first offering for people following a ketogenic diet. The cereal is also targeted at people looking to reduce their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

I was eager to try the two appealing-sounding flavors, Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal and Kashi Go Keto Dark Cocoa Cereal, and taste-wise, they did not disappoint.

  • Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal (prices vary; target.com)
  • Kashi Go Keto Dark Cocoa Cereal (prices vary; target.com)
Kashi's new line of keto-friendly cereal

I dug into the cinnamon vanilla first, as that’s pretty much my ideal breakfast flavor combo. Normally, I eat a lot of cinnamon oatmeal on weekday mornings, so this was a nice change of pace. I poured a bowl of the round O-shaped cereal, which promises a whopping 12 grams of protein per serving, added some oat milk and dug in.

Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal

The cereal tastes great. There’s no odd aftertaste that I’ve experienced with other high-protein cereals and snacks. It has a strong crunch, and the texture was just like a traditional grain-based cereal, without the grainy mouthfeel I’ve come to associate with high-protein snack substitutes.

I tried using whole milk with the cinnamon vanilla cereal the next day, as that’s the most keto way to eat high-protein cereal, and it was even tastier. I ate the entire first box in about two days and dove into the dark cocoa flavor next.

Kashi Go Keto Dark Cocoa Cereal

It was also very good! It was more chocolatey than sugary-tasting — if you’ve tried any of Kashi’s other dark chocolate offerings, it’s very familiar. Both flavors tasted like what I consider to be “adult” cereals, as opposed to protein-heavy versions of cereals marketed for children.

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What I didn’t like is that with the small serving size, it definitely didn’t keep me full until lunch, and nutritionist Kristen Ciccolini, founder of Good Witch Kitchen, says there is a reason for that.

“It’s highly processed,” says Ciccolini. “This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s important to me is that people understand what they’re getting.

Kashi Go Keto's nutritional information

“Seeing something like lentil and chickpea on there might make you think it’s a whole-foods option, but because it contains the extracted proteins rather than whole lentils and chickpeas, the ingredients read more like a protein powder,” she continues. “Between the ingredients and the low calorie count per serving, if you have this for breakfast and stick to the serving size, I imagine you’re still going to feel starved soon after.”

This was definitely my experience, and likely why I went through the whole box so quickly. What I found worked, after my first try, was eating a double serving of the cereal to stay full, pushing up my calories and protein for the meal. A better move might be to add a piece of fruit for additional nutrition as well.

Ciccolini agrees, saying, “I’d treat this as a snack, a protein supplement or one part of a balanced breakfast rather than a whole breakfast in itself. If you want to make it more physically satisfying and give you longer-lasting energy, you can add fruit and peanut butter, for example, and swap out yogurt or kefir for milk and use it as more of a granola.”

Or, if you’re like me, just have a single serving for dessert while bingeing on yet another Netflix show. This is definitely a great choice as a treat for anyone on the keto diet, or trying to cut carbs, but remember, you can’t live on extracted proteins alone.

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  • Kashi Go Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Cereal (prices vary; target.com)
  • Kashi Go Keto Dark Cocoa Cereal (prices vary; target.com)