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Here’s the thing with cordless vacuums: You can skimp to try to save a few dollars on a vacuum that loses suction the second it senses a crumb, or you could opt for a Dyson that’ll do more damage to your bank account than a weekend in Vegas.

Now, thankfully, we’ve found something in the middle: Jashen. Easy on the wallet but tough on any and all debris, the Jashen gives Dyson a run for its money.

We’ve been testing three Jashen options over the course of several months and, overall, have very few complaints. Here’s how they stack up.

Jashen V18

Jashen V18
  • Features: Automatic shifting between suction power depending on amount of debris; digital screen that alerts you to the suction power (which can be easily adjusted from low to medium to high with a button on the front of the vacuum), battery life and when to clean the filter
  • Battery life: 40+ minutes
  • Who it’s for: Those looking for a light and powerful, semi-smart vacuum with a lot of suction power to clean a large-sized space (thanks to it having the longest runtime of the three) with various flooring (carpet, hardwood, throw rugs)
  • Price: $189.99, originally $350; stacksocial.com

Our favorite feature of this smart vacuum: It automatically shifts suction power depending on how much debris it senses. So, when running it over a mostly litter-free hardwood floor, it’ll shift to a lower setting. But get to the spot where you spilled those coffee grounds and you’ll hear — and feel — it kick into high gear. Those auto adjustments, we noticed, saved the battery from dying too quickly, which means you can actually complete a multiroom cleaning spree without fear of it dying midway through.

We really put the Jashen to the test. Dust bunnies in the corner were no match. Crumbled chips on both hardwood and a light carpet disappeared. Coffee grounds on a carpet were easily dispensed of without a trace. Lint on a white couch picked up immediately. Even on mid- and low-powered suction, the Jashen V18 had no problem lifting dirt and debris from floors — be them hardwood or carpet. You’re able to switch out the brushes (there’s a smooth dust brush and a more toothy brush for deep carpets) on the main stick attachment. Better yet, a simple pop and click is all it takes to switch between the two.

We got to put the Jashen V18 to an unexpected test when a ceiling light fixture shattered all over the living room floor — spraying glass atop hardwood and a light area rug. The Jashen didn’t so much as putter when we ran it over the disaster area, aptly picking up the fine shards and even some oversize ones that would likely send most other vacuums into retirement.

After picking up so much dirt and debris, the filter is easy enough to empty out. You can either remove it fully to bang it out into the trash, or you can opt for the quick and easy method of simply hitting the hinge that pops open the bottom of the filter to dump out any lint and dirt that may be quickly accumulating.

Thanks to the smart functionality of changing suction levels while in use, the Jashen lasts much longer than most other vacuums we’ve personally tried. The company’s estimated runtime is 15 to 40 minutes, which we easily got — even sometimes getting an hour-plus. It takes a good 40 minutes to fully charge back up once it dies.

Our only qualm was with the mountable charging dock. While it’s nice that mounting hardware is included, you need to have the dock plugged in at all times, so if you’re short on outlets, it might be hard to find an ideal, out-of-the-way spot to hang it in your home. But it’s by no means a deal breaker.

Jashen V16

Jashen V16 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Features: Digital screen that alerts you to the suction power (which can be easily adjusted from low to medium to high with a button on the front of the vacuum), battery life and when to clean the filter; smart LED light senses and illuminates dark spaces
  • Battery life: Upward of 40 minutes
  • Who it’s for: With the same suction power as the V18 but less runtime, it makes a great option for those with smaller areas to keep tidy
  • Price: $169.99, originally $299; stacksocial.com

Like we did with the V18, we really put the Jashen V16 to the test, throwing crumpled chips, dust mites and even sawdust (fine powdered sawdust across hardwood floors alongside heavier wood chips) at it. The vacuum had no problem picking any of it up and, in fact, had an awe-inspiring, almost mop-like ability to pick up even the finest of sawdust on our hardwood floors.

It was actually pretty amazing how spotless the floors looked after just a quick once-over with the Jashen vacuum, transforming them from a dusty woodworking mess to able-to-walk-barefoot clean. We also like that you can use this as a handheld vacuum by simply detaching the stick and clipping on one of the three smaller attachments to hit furniture and curtains.

Even on high power, we were able to get upward of 40 minutes of runtime with the Jashen, enough to hit the living room, kitchen and bedroom with enough juice left to suck up lint from the couch and side chairs — and not once did it lose suction before it died.

Like the V18, the dustbin on the V16 is simple to empty and clean. And, again, our main knock here is the same bulky charging mount.

Jashen D18

jashen d18
  • Features: LED battery indicator; three suction levels; smart LED light senses and illuminates dark spaces
  • Battery life: Upward of 20 minutes
  • Who it’s for: The D18 features much of the same suction power as the V18 and V16, but with a limited runtime — and not to mention the option to simply plug into an outlet to charge rather than having to mount — is perfect for those who live in a small house or apartment, or those looking for a second vacuum for small cleaning tasks
  • Price: $139.99, originally $149; stacksocial.com

Not to rehash this yet again, but the suction power from this ultra-lightweight vacuum was actually quite surprising. While it’s a lower price tag, you’re getting the same cleaning prowess as the V16 and V18.

From sawdust to large pieces of lettuce, from coffee grounds to flower petals, the D18 picked up everything we hovered it over, no matter if it was on solid hardwood floors or a medium-thickness area rug.

The D18’s stick was the highlight here. As opposed to two options — full length or completely removed to use as a hand vac — this vacuum features three different lengths, which our back appreciated when suctioning couch cushions and curtains.

It seems the only major thing you give up here for the lower price tag is a few of the bells and whistles — like the LED screen. But for those who are simply on the market for a simple-to-use vacuum, it’s pretty much ideal. One tricky aspect: While it’s a simple pop and release to empty the dustbins on the V18 and V16, the D18’s dustbin is a bit less straightforward, as you have to twist and remove, which was a bit difficult to figure out the first few times we attempted it.

The major downside here, though, is that among the three Jashen vacuums we tested, it had the shortest runtime, topping out around 20 minutes or so. Perfect for our NYC apartment, but those with lots of rooms to clean should opt for the V18.