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It’s been more than a year that we’ve all been homebound, and during that time I’ve become something of a cozy expert. Seriously. My home is now flooded with anything and everything that can make my family and I feel peak comfy, from fuzzy blankets and soothing candles to ultra-relaxing zero-gravity chairs and even a line of leisurewear literally dubbed “Cozy.”

In my hunt for all things Zen, I came across the Instagram account for Jambys, a line of unisex “house clothes” that were — get this — created specifically for relaxing indoors. Sign. Me. Up.

The rundown


Upon learning about Jambys, it dawned on me that during our year in quarantine, my husband and I have been perpetually lounging in clothes created for distinctly other purposes. For example, my leggings meant for yoga, his gym shorts meant for running or our pajamas meant for sleeping. To actively choose a type of clothing created precisely for relaxing around the house might have seemed absurd pre-pandemic, but now that we’ve all experienced the 24/7 stay-at-home life, it’s actually pretty genius.

More good things to note: While the product is made in China, the fabric is sourced from the pulp of beechwood trees, giving the brand some major sustainability points. The pieces can be machine-washed and -dried, and they come out like a wrinkle-free dream. Jambys also has a 77-day, no-questions-asked return policy. Oh, and each of the brand’s four styles comes in sizes XS to 3XL, and in a variety of monochromatic colorways, which continues to be a major trend.

The lowdown


So, I tried me some Jambys. Rather, my husband and I tried us some Jambys. Side note: My husband does not enjoy being the guinea pig to my shopping editor lifestyle. He often fails to see the purpose of a nouveau product I’m bringing into the house or cringes at the sight of something humongous I’m asking him to put together so I can test it out. Needless to say, when I tossed him his set — the Long Jambys ($78) and the matching Jam Tee $49) — one night after dinner, I was on the receiving end of a major eye roll.

Fast-forward 12 hours, he woke up in the morning, looked me straight in the eye and declared, “I love these. They are amazing.” He actually went on and on — the fabric is so soft and light, he didn’t feel overheated at all (he’s prone to finding everything too hot at night), the drawstring of the XL waist was a perfect fit and the pant length hit him exactly at the ankle. He even wore them all morning long, taking in the trash cans, grabbing the mail, running around the house with the kids… And this has been going on for weeks. He lives in his Jambys. Suddenly, he has loungewear.

And I do too. My experience in the original boxers-with-pockets Jambys ($35) and the House Hoodie ($84) was equally blissful. I’ve found the pieces to be ultra breathable and incredibly soft on the skin — thanks to the micromodal and spandex composition that is way snugglier than straight cotton — but they have a bit of structure too that I appreciate. Unlike pajamas, Jambys have enough thickness to them that they can be worn on Zoom calls or in front of the neighbors (where appropriate, of course). But, and here’s the hilarious part, the brand actually encourages its users to go commando — worry-free. The shorts design includes “no-crotch-flash” technology that ensures “no accidental peeps.” Because can anyone reach peak relaxation in their undies? I’m just going to leave that one right there.

The bottom line

While their price point is steeper than most “lounge-ish” clothes you can buy out there, given that Jambys are unisex, super soft, undies optional and don’t overheat — well, those selling points totally justify their cost. Check out the loungewear options below.

Jambys ($35; jambys.com)


The original product that shot Jambys to stardom is the boxers with pockets, which has now amassed nearly 1,300 positive reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Available in 13 colors, the shorts are a lounging must-have. I recommend sizing up for extra comfort.

House Hoodie ($84; jambys.com)

House Hoodie

This hoodie is a gem. Perfect for layering or wearing solo, the hoodie has zero bulk but is chock-full of buttery softness — and you can match it to your Jambys.

Long Jambys ($78; jambys.com)

Long Jambys

I refer to these as “the pants my husband never wants to take off.” Ultra soft and incredibly breathable, the pants don’t get wrinkled or saggy; they just keep on trucking as you go about your day’s lounging.

Jam Tee ($49; jambys.com)

Jam Tee

Matchy-matchy sets are here to stay, which is why we’re so thankful there’s a cute and soft tee to match the Jambys short and long. The perfect accoutrement to the bottoms, this tee never rides up and has a perfectly fitting crewneck, not too tight, not too loose.