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If you’re looking for a convenient way to carry your tech, look no further. Incase has you covered with a wide variety of sleeves, backpacks, luggage and much more, all geared toward tech transportation.

We recently took the company’s EO Rolling Brief ($229.95 on incase.com) for a spin. The compact rolling suitcase has a bounty of compartments for tech, accessories and other materials. Essentially, it’s a tech-focused take on a carry-on that easily fits in an overhead.

Style and function

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The EO Rolling Brief is built to withstand weather and airports alike. The outside is composed of a rugged Polyester blend with a hard shell beneath. The exception is the weather-resistant front panel, made with Polyurethane to protect the tech compartment from the elements.

You get your pick between two colors: black and heather navy. Additional colors are used sparingly in each design. Features like the wheels and an inner zipper are neon green in the Black version and black in the Heather Navy version. The neon green certainly gives it some pop.

Two thick, durable wheels are flanked by a plastic protrusion for keeping the suitcase balanced (a nice touch). The back is also lined with similar supports so it can be easily laid on its back. There are two handles, one of which is fabric to match the rest of the suitcase. The other extends upward to use while rolling it. It’s surprisingly long at about 26.5 inches from its base. There’s a button on the handle that lets you lock it into place at various heights.

The suitcase consists of three main sections. On the front panel there’s a single zipped pocket that’s about half the height of the suitcase. Just beneath that panel is a zipper that unseals the second section. That includes a large number of compartments on one side, as well as pockets ideal for a laptop and tablet on the other side. Specifically, there are 13 compartments on one side that vary in size. Some are small enough for USB sticks, while others are large enough for accessories like hard drives, batteries and notebooks. A couple of these pockets are mesh, but most are opaque.

The other side includes pockets for a laptop and tablet. Of course, you could put other long, flat items in these. The laptop pocket has a thick panel, as the front-facing side to provide cushioning, and the inside is exceptionally soft, so it doesn’t scratch anything. A velcro flap folds over the top to keep your item in place. The cushioning panel has a large pocket where you could place your iPad, Fire HD tablet or other similar devices.

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The largest compartment is for your clothes. It provides enough space for light travel, and there is an additional zipper on the outside that you can use to expand it. Across the opening of this compartment is a mesh flap that you can zip closed to keep your clothing contained. There’s also a mesh pocket on the opposite side that’s great for storing toiletries or additional tech.

Traveling secure

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Recently, we put the suitcase to the test with a roundtrip to Florida. Packed within were clothes, toiletries, a Chromebook, a Fire HD 10 tablet, an external battery and a plethora of charging cables. We also fit in a few notebooks and pens, as well as one of Incase’s Nylon Accessory Organizers.

Within the tech pocket, you have more compartments than you could ever hope for, large and small. A 14-inch laptop fit snugly into the laptop pocket, and a tablet had plenty of space too. The cushioning panel kept the tech safe and secure. After rolling to and fro in the airport, ourmy items remained in the same position as where they’d started. The Rolling Brief also survived being checked without a scratch.

The clothing compartment left us pleased as well. Due to the compact build, it didn’t take much to fill the space. If the trip had been longer than a day or two, we could have expanded this space. Regardless, once we packed in some clothes and zipped up the mesh, they weren’t going anywhere.

Roll confidently

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Despite all the gadgets and clothes inside, the EO Rolling Brief wasn’t heavy or unwieldy. Not only is it built from light, yet durable materials, but its compact nature is just enough for a several day trip’s worth of items. This may not seem like a big upside, but a lot of suitcases are on the larger side. If you’re on a trip lasting just a couple days, it wouldn’t make sense to bring something that big. In other words, sometimes less is more.

The wheels on the suitcase mean business. They’re as big as scooter wheels, and they’re dense to boot. They provide a smooth ride, and we had no trouble overcoming bumps and even a cobblestone path as we rolled along. Of course, some modern suitcases have four wheels for even easier navigation, but these monster wheels more than compensated. Additionally, we were pleased with how long the telescoping handle can extend. Plus, it can be locked in at different lengths for people of all heights. When you’re ready to take a break or wait in one of many lines, the Rolling Brief stays upright with no trouble.

Bottom Line

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The EO Rolling Brief by Incase feels like the ultimate suitcase for short trips. It’s compact, durable and easy to take through an airport or on the road. And you won’t have any trouble wheeling it around, thanks to its large, thick rubber wheels and extendable handle.

There’s also a ton of room for tech and accessories of all shapes and sizes. This includes a pocket specifically for laptops, and another that’s great for tablets. It’s really nice that it focuses so hard on protecting tech in a carry-on.

Be it business or leisure, you can make your next short trip easier with the EO Rolling Brief. Pick one up in Black or Heather Navy for $229.95 on incase.com.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.