Hydaway Collapsible Bottle
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2021 is officially in full swing, and whether you’ve stuck to your resolutions or not, there’s still time to get the new year off to a good start. Whether you’re trying to exercise more, get better sleep, or drink less alcohol, 2020 has taught us that looking after ourselves is critical.

If you’re prioritizing your health this year, staying adequately hydrated can make a big difference. Water bottles are an easy and convenient way to stay hydrated, and while there’s a seemingly infinite number of water bottles out there to choose from (we’ve tested a handful ourselves), one that’s caught our eye recently is the Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle.

The Hydaway features an accordion-like design that allows it to fold down to the size of a hockey puck. You can say goodbye to trying to find a place to stash your bulky water bottle, because with the Hydaway, you can simply scrunch it down and slide it into your pocket. Right now, you can score the Hydaway Collapsible bottle in various colors and sizes at StackSocial.

  • Hydaway 25 ounce Collapsible Water Bottle with Cap Lid ($24.99, originally $29; stacksocial.com)
  • Hydaway 25 ounce Collapsible Water Bottle with Spout Lid ($24.99, originally $29; stacksocial.com)
  • Hydaway 17 ounce Collapsible Water Bottle with Cap Lid ($21.99, originally $24; stacksocial.com)
  • Hydaway 17 ounce Collapsible Water Bottle with Spout Lid ($21.99, originally $24; stacksocial.com)
  • Hydaway 17oz Hydration Travel Pack ($27.99, originally $34; stacksocial.com)

We got our hands on a couple Hydaway bottles so we could play with the clever design ourselves, and after a couple weeks of testing, we love them thanks to their incredible portability.

We tested both the 17-ounce and 25-ounce bottles, with the standard cap lid as well as with the useful spout lid. Both sizes fold down and you can easily fit them in your back pocket, making the Hydaway the ultimate travel bottle.

A fun and space-saving design

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

The Hydaway bottle is made from silicone and BPA-free plastic and has a soft, pliable construction except for at the mouth and one ring directly in the middle of the bottle. This flexible construction is what allows it to collapse down to such a small size, and with several creases on both the top and bottom half of the bottle, you can adjust how tall or short you want the Hydaway to stand.

Scrunching it up and changing the bottle’s size is a fun experience and a game-changer when you need to stash it when you’re on the go. However, the soft material means it’s a little hard to hold when you’re drinking unless you grab it by the center ring or the mouth.

Obviously you can’t fill the bottles with water when they’re folded up, but when you expand them the bottles grow to a decent size and can fit a respectable amount of water. The design does taper towards the top and bottom, which makes the Hydaway’s small base a bit more unstable than a standard bottle, but with its soft material and tight-fitting lid you don’t have to worry about any dents or spills.

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

Both lids passed all of our spill tests, however, the spout lid would sometimes leak a bit when you were actually drinking from the bottle. The seal between the spout and the lid isn’t perfect, so when you open up the spout to drink a little bit of water can drip out every once in a while, especially if you squeeze the bottle to drink faster or tip it over too severely. However, when the spout is closed the seal seemed tight and water never leaked out, so there shouldn’t be any spillage if you throw it in a bag.

The dripping was a bit of a bummer but we’d still recommend the spout lid as, most of the time, it provides a better drinking experience than just the mouth of the bottle. Although, if you can’t stand having a bit of water spill on your shirt every now and then, you should opt for the standard cap lid which screws on tight to the mouth of the Hydaway.

Bottom line

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

If you’re in the market for a new water bottle, definitely check out the Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle. It comes in two sizes with two different cap options, and there’s even a bundle with a nifty carrying case so you can clip the bottle onto a backpack. The Hydaway is a bottle we’d use everyday, and its space-saving design is a must-have if you like to take a water bottle with you wherever you go.