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Traveling internationally with kids comes with its share of challenges, particularly when you’re jetting off to a far-flung destination and you have a ton of luggage and a packed itinerary. However, things get a whole lot easier when you get organized from the start — and then stay that way for the whole trip.

Often, it’s the most simple tools that help you stay organized. Take the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder, for example. It’s sturdy and made from a durable, high-quality polyester, allowing you to keep your family’s documents in one place. We tried out the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder on a recent trip and think it’s a steal for families who are looking to stay organized on their trip for less than $20.

The perfect tool for larger families or groups traveling together, the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder features a place to store all of your essential travel documents. We love that it can be worn multiple ways and features a full zipper enclosure to keep everything secure.

How I found the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder

My partner and I have traveled to more than 50 countries in the past decade, and our two children (ages 11 and 13) have visited around 35 of those countries with us. When you’re traveling on long-haul flights with kids and in places where everyone needs a range of travel documents, it can help to have all the significant items stored together in one place.

That’s where the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder comes in. I have used quite a few passport holders and travel wallets over the years, and I recently wanted to try out the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder on a six-person international trip.

Why it’s a score

First, the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder is really roomy and it has a ton of pockets you can use to store passports, cash, Covid-19 vaccination cards, boarding passes and more. The sheer size of this passport holder — 10.5 inches by 6.5 inches — is one of its biggest advantages, particularly if you have a large family or you’re managing travel documents for a party of four or more.

Designed for larger families and groups, it’s got space to accommodate up to six passports, four credit cards or IDs, two SIM cards, one SD card and more.

I loved the fact that the passport holder fit our six passports, vaccination cards and a pen all in one place. The holder features a full zipper enclosure, which ensured I wouldn’t accidentally drop important documents as we moved from place to place. Inside the holder, two of the pockets also come with zippers that kept items like cash exactly where I wanted.

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The fact that there’s more than one way to carry this organizer is also a major plus. There’s a study strap on the side that lets you carry this travel wallet as a wristlet, but you can also clip on a detachable shoulder strap and throw it over your shoulder like a crossbody bag.

Another benefit of this passport organizer is the outer pocket that’s made to store your phone. I used this pocket for that exact purpose, and it was the perfect size to keep my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

And, in addition to this passport organizer’s nice price point at just $18, it’s worth noting that the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder has built-in RFID-blocking technology. This helps prevent hackers and thieves from using scanning devices to steal your credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

The only real downside of the Heouvo Travel Passport holder is one that could, in fact, be an advantage for some travelers: It’s pretty big. While it’s relatively flat, it’s easily the size of a small purse. That may be more than you want to carry around with you on planes and trains, and you may not need that much room for passports and other travel documents if you’re traveling with fewer than four people. While it’s larger than other travel organizers I have used, if you’re traveling with a large group or you want plenty of space to store your travel documentation, that can be a massive perk.

There’s a lot to love about the Heouvo Travel Passport Holder, including its solid construction, its roomy interior, the many pockets you can use to store stuff and, of course, the affordable price. The wallet may be a little big for people who are traveling in a small group or alone, but it could also be the perfect size for families or groups of four or more who want to keep their passports and other important documents secure.

That said, it never hurts to compare other passport holders, travel wallets and even crossbody bags to find the right travel organization for your needs. Traveling the world can be both educational and fun, but you’ll enjoy it more if you’re organized and prepared.

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