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With Zoom now serving as the de facto boardroom, let’s be honest: Having a camera on you at home can be a bit cringe-inducing. Showing off your personal space isn’t always ideal, especially if you’re working out of a personal space like a bedroom. That’s where the Hello Backgrounds Bundle: Videos and Images Package comes in.

For $39.99, you get high-quality images and videos to upload as your virtual background, shifting that virtual space from personal to professional.

Downloading and using

Once you open up the zip file, you'll find the images in separate categorized folders.

The process for downloading these images is simple. Once you’ve purchased the backgrounds you’ll get a link to download in your email. The download process was slower than expected. You’re getting 305 high-quality images, so it makes sense. You aren’t given options when it comes to quality of the images, though, so you’re stuck with one 548 MB zip file. The videos are a bit of a different story. You get options for video quality ranging in file size from 307 MB to 8.5 GB.

Once you open up the zip file, you’ll find the images in separate categorized folders. This was a really nice feature because it made searching through the copious amount of options a bit less daunting. The videos were not categorized. There aren’t as many videos as images, but it still would have made the process a bit more seamless if they’d been organized the way the images were after downloading.

Once you have the images downloaded, you can add them to your options for virtual backgrounds. To add images on Zoom, click the small arrow next to your stop video icon, go to “Choose Virtual Background”. Then hit the small plus sign and find the image from your computer to upload it. You may have to download a quick update on your Zoom software, but it takes less than 30 seconds to do so.

Images and videos

Image categories range from skylines, public spaces, home interiors, to general fun.

The images and videos within the bundle are very practical. There are seven image categories to choose from. Image categories range from skylines, public spaces, home interiors, to general fun. The fun category of images could also be renamed travel, as most of the images there are from different sites around the world (think tropical beaches and private jet interiors).

The image quality is not lost once uploaded to your virtual background, either. Because the images are of real life settings they’ll blend seamlessly into your call depending on what you choose. We liked the wide range of photo options since you really do get a bit of everything. Whether you’re playing around with a fun underwater option or keeping it professional by choosing an office space as the background, you get your pick of the bunch.

The videos are not anything distracting like you might be thinking they are. The videos are of spaces where there realistically would be movement. There are options like an office lobby with an oscillating fan in the background being the only thing that moves. Other videos have trees slowly blowing in the wind. All of the movements in the videos are subtle enough that they create a realistic background, but nothing too distracting.

Bottom line

If you’re working remotely and looking to keep a professional appearance while keeping your personal space out of the picture, this is a great purchase.

The Hello Backgrounds: Video and Images Package is available now through StackSocial for $39.99. Plus, there’s an option to purchase just the images for $19.99 if you’re not interested in the videos.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.