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You’re probably familiar with the shaving brand Harry’s, which ships high-quality blades right to your door. But what you may not know is that Harry’s recently released a new line of skin care products perfect for anyone looking to revamp their routine.

The new line includes an exfoliating face wash, a daily face lotion, face toner, night lotion, an eye cream and a targeted blemish treatment. We’ve previously tested Harry’s products when we set out to find the best razor for men, and while neither of its razors won out, they were close contenders in all of our tests. Knowing that Harry’s puts out high-quality products, trying out the brand’s new skin care line was a no-brainer.

After testing each of Harry’s new products for about a month now, we’ve come away impressed. Some of the products were better than others, but on the whole, the Harry’s line makes for an effective daily skin care routine and — most importantly — an outstanding value. None of the creams or washes were the best we’ve ever used, but they are better than any other similarly priced product we’ve tried.

With prices $10 and below, you’re getting quality products for drugstore prices. Each product is available on its own, but you can also shop the Clear Skin Essentials bundle ($23; harrys.com) and the Nourishing Skin Care Essentials bundle ($28; harrys.com), or get the whole six-piece line ($51; harrys.com). Read more about each item in the collection below.

Exfoliating Face Wash ($7; harrys.com)

Exfoliating Face Wash

The exfoliating face wash feels quite thick and a bit gritty, and it didn’t provide that refreshed feeling that other exfoliating washes typically do. However, our face did feel clean, albeit a little dry, after washing.

Freshening Face Toner ($8; harrys.com)

Freshening Face Toner

The toner was one of our favorite products from this line. It’s ultra refreshing and leaves your face feeling clean and smooth.

Hydrating Night Lotion ($9; harrys.com)

Hydrating Night Lotion

This night lotion goes on light and hydrates the skin without feeling greasy. Be careful with the pump — the moisturizer went flying in all directions a few times — but the product itself was top-notch, especially its light scent, which thankfully isn’t the typical sandalwood or cedar found in basically every men’s product.

Daily Face Lotion ($9; harrys.com)

Daily Face Lotion

The daily face lotion comes with SPF 15 protection to keep your face safe from the sun, but it felt a bit too much like a flat-out sunscreen for our liking. When used sparingly, however, it felt great.

Brightening Eye Cream ($10; harrys.com)

Brightening Eye Cream

Applying this eye cream noticeably tightens and brightens up under-eye skin, which makes for a nice little confident booster going into video meetings for the day.

Targeted Blemish Treatment ($8; harrys.com)

Targeted Blemish Treatment

Dabbing on this blemish treatment at the start of a breakout didn’t necessarily zap away our pimples like some other spot treatment we’ve used, but it did reduce redness a little bit. Plus, it’s got a great applicator that helps you precisely cover your zit.