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As we’ve been spending extra time at home we’ve definitely been looking for home improvement projects. A lot of these can involve gardens and house plants, but unfortunately not everyone has a green thumb. If you’re in need of gardening lessons but don’t know where to start, look no further. The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle is a $19.99 online course collection that covers everything you need to know about building, planting and supporting a perfect garden.

The bundle includes six different courses that cover a wide range of topics when it comes to gardening and maintaining healthy plants. At only $19.99, you’re getting loads of information for a low price with lifetime access. Best of all: You’ll be able to see the results of your learning blossom right in front of you.

So, it’s time to start digging into what makes this gardening course bundle so great.

The video setup

Green Thumb Gardening Bundle

This bundle comes with six different courses that cover almost all aspects of gardening. The courses are Create a Bumper Garden with Creative Woodworking, Easy to Grow Vegetables and Herbs Plus DIY Stackable Planters, Gardening For Beginners: House Plants, Succulents, and Herbs, Designing Gardens and Drawing Plans for Beginners, Ornamental Plants Propagation, Pruning and Training Plants for Beginners. We loved that the courses cover both outdoor and indoor gardening, since you’ll be able to practice your gardening skills indoors while prepping for planting once Spring comes around.

Courses are planned out and taught through videos with a voice over. The videos are short in length. For example, all videos in the Gardening for Beginners course are under 10 minutes in length. We like that the material is presented in short time frames because it makes it easier to follow and take in. Three of the courses display the lessons with videos featuring a voice over paired with images, which we thought was fitting because the voice explanation and imagery conveyed everything clearly and in a way that was easy to understand. The other three videos feature recordings of the instructor showing different techniques and methods used in those courses. This makes sense because they’re topics, like designing and drawing garden plans, and it’s helpful to see someone execute those skills so you can follow along.

Overall the setup of the courses is fitting for the material covered. The voiceover narration is clear and easy to follow along with, as is the instruction from the garden expert in the recorded videos. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the courses themselves.

The courses

Green Thumb Gardening Bundle

If you’re not working with outdoor space, or it’s getting too cold to plant outside, the Gardening For Beginners: House Plants, Succulents, and Herbs course teaches you everything you need to know about your indoor plants. You get a run down of outdoor plants as well, like how to grow different plants like geraniums, marigolds, and a quite a few others. The main focus are houseplants, succulents and herbs (as the title suggests). This course really feels like the “plants 101” course out of the bundle. It covers many varieties of outdoor plants, indoor plants, herbs, and then introduces succulents, which are great plants for beginners because they require little maintenance. This would be the course we’d recommend starting with first.

In the Ornamental Plants Propagation course you learn how to properly sew and grow your plants using different methods. This is another video where you watch recordings of an instructor showing you how to accomplish each task. We’d recommend going here second because the videos give in depth explanations as to how to successfully plant seeds and why certain seeds should be planted in a specific way. It also covers planting bulbs as opposed to seeds which is a different planting process. It’s informative not only in the instruction of sewing and propagation but it goes in depth into the why of each method, which is something we found to be very helpful coming from a beginner level.

Let’s move to the Create a Bumper Garden with Creative Woodworking course. This is definitely hands on and will require some other equipment and materials beyond plants, but in the end you’re left with planters you’ve measured, cut and built entirely on your own. The videos show you how to make a simple planter, a vegetable planter and a decorative planter. While it may seem daunting to build, the videos do a great job of breaking down every step. With helpful hints along the way that are incorporated especially for people who’ve never built anything like this before, you’ll have all your questions answered before you can even ask them.

Next up is Easy to Grow Vegetables and Herbs Plus DIY Stackable Planters. This course teaches you how to grow 5 vegetables and 5 herbs. The vegetables are lettuce, radishes, peas, carrots and tomatoes. The herbs it teaches you how to grow are parsley, coriander (cilantro), basil, chives and thyme. In these videos you get tips and tricks on how to grow each particular plant. You get tricks for planting seeds properly to optimize growth and you get tips for problem solving if you run into issues with growth. The last part of the course shows you how to build a planter for your veggie and herb garden providing another fun and helpful activity. With this course you’re bound to have a salad made of fixings right from your backyard.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of planting and growing it’s time to look at your garden’s design. Designing Gardens and Drawing Plans for Beginners is one of the shorter courses but it still covers what you’d want and need to know to create a successful garden. You’ll learn about design principles, the materials you’ll need, and how to draw and color proper plans for your garden. The video content in this course is different because instead of viewing photos and image examples, you’re watching the instructor explain and draw example plans. This is definitely the course where it’s helpful to learn by watching someone so we’re happy that the video format is switched.

Finally we finish with Pruning and Training Plants for Beginners. This is the last course taught with recorded videos of an instructor showing you how to prune and train your plants. This was definitely a course that needed the recorded instructions so you could see exactly where and how to cut your plants. The first lesson in this course is on general pruning, and then the lessons following branch into pruning specifics for different types of plants (like flowering shrubs and perennials, hedges, citrus fruit trees, etc.). It’s awesome that the course preps you with a base knowledge of pruning and then gets into specifics of popular plants that you’ve also learned about growing through the other courses.

Like we said, the bundle covers a wide range of topics when it comes to gardening. Even though you’re getting so much information it’s handed to you in small pieces broken down in easy and engaging to watch videos.

Final thoughts

The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle is a great place to start if you’re looking to become a home gardener. For only $19.99, you’re learning not only the gardening basics but also how to set up, build and create a beautiful garden. By the time you’re finished with this course bundle, you’ll have learned how to create a beautiful outdoor space as well as how to maintain and grow plants inside to brighten up your home.