Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe
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What could possibly one-up the anxiety-reducing, relaxation-inducing powers of a weighted blanket? A weighted bathrobe, of course.

The Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe, essentially a weighted blanket that you can wear around the house, is the first of its kind, and it’s the ideal way to wrap yourself up in soft, warm comfort during cozy season.

The rundown

Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe

Gravity Blankets collaborated with fashion designer Ron Chereskin of Modernist Studios to create this one-of-a-kind robe, which is made with 100% polyester fleece for an ultra soft feel. The main feature of the robe is a 3-pound weighted wrap that’s inside the collar, which provides the “deep touch pressure stimulation” that you know and love from Gravity’s original blankets.

The wrap is also easily removable via a zipper on the underside of the robe’s collar, so you can wear the robe with or without weight. Meanwhile, quilted stitching on the wrap ensures that the beads inside are evenly distributed while you wear it.

The robe comes in two neutral hues — gray and navy — and three sizes, plus it’s machine washable (just be sure to remove the weighted wrap from the collar first).

The lowdown

Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe

Pulling the Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe on is like being wrapped up in a warm hug. I’d compare the weighted collar to something between a perfectly molded neck pillow and your coziest scarf. It’s certainly not heavy enough to make standing and walking any more challenging than usual; it’s really just a bit of added pressure around your neck and shoulders, resulting in a rather comforting, relaxing sensation.

I most appreciated the weighted robe on chilly mornings. On those days when I’m loath to leave the warmth of my bed (which is usually complete with a weighted blanket), the robe is my salvation — basically a portable bed that allows me to take that tucked-in feeling around my apartment as I start my day.

And even without the collar-weight, this robe is the plushest I own. The material is fuzzy and ultra soft to the touch. The length hits just below my knee (the ideal robe length, I’d say), and it features two convenient pockets.

The bottom line

The value of the Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe goes up as temperatures start to drop, so now’s the ideal time to order up one of your own. The robe retails for $130 on Gravity Blankets’ site, but it’s truly an investment piece that will pay dividends in the winter months to come.