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In the world of marketing, it takes a lot of skill and savvy to thrive. And these days, data analysis is at the top of the list. One of the most popular tools out there for using data to your advantage is Google Analytics. This service tracks visits and interactions with websites, providing a huge range of information and reports.

You can learn the ins and outs of this powerful service, and even get your Google Analytics Certification, with The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle. This bundle is available from the CNN Store for $34.99. It consists of five courses on the subject, from beginner to advanced, totalling to about 12 hours of content.

If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading to see our hands-on experience with this bundle.

Here’s how these courses work

You don’t need any experience with Google Analytics to get started here. Yes, some of the courses become advanced by the end, but not before really giving you a grip over the essentials. And these aren’t lessons where concepts are spat at you out of context — you’ll really be learning through concrete examples. You also don’t need to buy Google Analytics as the free version has more than enough features to get you started.

Through these examples, the instructors go over key metrics that Google Analytics provides to help you understand your audience, address weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. From tracking stats and metrics to visualizing reports on various user actions, you can learn to fine-tune your site based on real, reliable data. There is even a course on helping you earn your Google Analytics Certification to indicate your expertise to companies and clients.

Better yet, there’s no need to rush. Once you get the bundle, it’s yours for life, accessible 24/7 from your phone, computer or other device capable of streaming videos. So go ahead and take these lessons at your own pace, in whatever order you’d like.

Course coverage and variety

1-Google Analytics course

Each course in this bundle starts with some basics of Google Analytics, though they vary in approach. There is, for example, a definitive beginner’s course taught by Daragh Walsh. He starts off with download instructions and a tour of the interface. Soon after, he delves into a number of reports that should be most useful to you, such as audience reports that focus on demographics.

The other, more generalized courses follow similar steps while also covering different aspects of Google Analytics. Krista Neher teaches a course that has fewer lessons than that of the beginner course, but each lesson goes into more conceptual detail. Both Daragh and Krista make excellent and frequent use of examples to bring concepts to life. They also do a great job at explaining the importance of what’s being done. A vast majority of the lessons show you the interface you’ll be interacting with so you can follow along, too.

Deeper into the data

2-Google Analytics course

While every course covers a number of beginner topics, several are geared toward progressing into the advanced. These range from streamlining your analysis with custom filters to segmenting your data to find out specific metrics about where users are coming from, what search terms they’re using and much more.

Then, there’s the course that focuses on getting you your Google Analytics Certification. This certification can be earned by taking Google’s Individual Qualification exam here. You’ll want to follow that link, as this course’s navigation to the exam is a little out of date.

However, the techniques on display are not. This course includes many beginner and advanced lessons that should help you prepare for the exam. Plus, it’s absolutely full of practice questions, including direct links to Google’s own assessments along with answer keys to check your work. We were impressed with the absolute volume of practice material available here.

Bottom Line

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The courses in this bundle can give you the skills you need to crack open Google Analytics and make the most out of your website’s data. And if you’re looking to work for others, the ability to navigate this powerful service will be more than a little appealing. Getting started is easy, and once you’ve bought the bundle, it’s yours for life. You can access every lesson at any time of the day.

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle made our foray into Google Analytics a breeze. It’s available now for just $34.99 on the CNN Store.