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Whether it’s for meat, coffee, clothes or even pet food, delivery and subscription services have become more popular than ever. Not only is getting things delivered convenient (especially right now), but it’s always fun to look forward to a package coming your way every month.

While standard delivery services aim to solve practical problems in your life, such as not having enough time to cook or go to the grocery store, GlobeIn is a home goods subscription that not only helps you, but also helps bring fair wages to artisans all over the world.

We were intrigued by the sound of this subscription, so we decided to try it out ourselves to see what the company is really all about.

What is GlobeIn?

GlobeIn Salud Box

GlobeIn is a subscription box that sends you beautiful, handcrafted items from around the world every month. Each box contains four to five products, all sharing a special theme, which you select monthly. Think boxes that are all about tea drinking, with various teas and a teapot, or a cozy box that’s got a gorgeous plush blanket.

GlobeIn subscription (starting at $33 a month;

However, there’s more to these products than just pretty designs. Every single item is ethically sourced and made by artisans who are paid fairly. Verified by the Fair Trade Federation, GlobeIn works directly with the artists and creators to set a payment structure that pays the workers 30% of the total cost when the order is placed, to help cover production costs; 30% once the goods are produced for shipping; and the last 40% after GlobeIn receives the goods. This structure is beneficial to the artisans, as they don’t have to cover production and shipping costs themselves and then wait until after their goods are delivered to be paid in full.

GlobeIn isn’t just a normal product subscription, but a service that brings you high-quality, gorgeous items, while supporting artisans with above-average wages. So whenever you get a box, you’ll feel good knowing your purchase directly benefits workers around the world. You can learn more about how GlobeIn works with its artisans in its 2018 Impact Report.

How does it work?

GlobeIn Buzzed Box

When you sign up for GlobeIn, every month you’ll get a themed box of four to five handcrafted items. These themes range from a Pamper Box with a dry brush and coconut oil, to a Spa Box that includes lavender bubble bath, to a Wired Box with organic coffee and a Salud Box that features a sangria pitcher. You can choose to renew your subscription every month, or commit to three, six or 12 months at a time. The longer you sign up for, the cheaper each box is. And starting at just $33 per month, it’s a great value when you see the quality of items you receive.

Every month you can choose from five box options, so you’re never stuck with stuff you don’t want. Plus, if none of the choices catch your eye, you can get credit toward other products from GlobeIn’s Add-Ons sale, which is a marketplace that includes over 200 items exclusive to subscribers.

Once you select your box, it’s shipped right to your door in a safely wrapped, beautiful package. Plus, you’ll get a little booklet filled with info on each of the items in the box, with details such as where they were made and a brief history of the artisan who crafted it.

But if subscriptions aren’t your thing, or you don’t want to make the commitment right away, you can browse through GlobeIn’s extensive shop, which has individual items and artisan boxes available for purchase. However, these items are more expensive than they’d be with a subscription.

If you think GlobeIn is perfect for someone you know, gifting is super easy. You can send a specific product, a gift card, or a gift subscription for three, six or 12 months of boxes full of artisanal products.

What are the GlobeIn products actually like?

GlobeIn Tea Party Box

We received five boxes from GlobeIn to check out the products firsthand to see if they’re worth the price. After handling and using goods such as pitchers, teas, decorations and candles, we can’t get over how gorgeous and well-crafted all the items are.

It was such a pleasure unwrapping all the little goodies in each of the GlobeIn boxes. There was absolutely no damage to any of the products, which was an initial worry since many are delicate and made of glass or clay. The pieces were gorgeous, looking even better in person than in the photos. Some of our favorites were the tiffin made in India from the Lunch Box, the coupe cocktail glasses made in Mexico from the Buzzed Box, and the teapot made in Nepal from the Infuse Box.

You could tell the goods were made by human hands, and through GlobeIn we felt a real connection to the people who made each product. All in all, the GlobeIn boxes exceeded our expectations, both in quality and in design. We immediately thought of this as a perfect gift for moms, but we’re glad we got to play with the products ourselves.

The bottom line

GlobeIn provides a feel-good service that sends gorgeous, high-quality products right to your door. The handcrafted pieces can be a cute addition to any home, providing extra flair for a spa night, dinner date or your morning coffee routine. It makes a great gift for any birthday or holiday, and whenever you purchase anything from GlobeIn — whether you sign up for a subscription or buy just one item — you know the money is helping to support fair wages to artisans around the world.

Whether you have an upcoming anniversary, Mom’s birthday or just want to send someone you love a heartfelt gift, you can’t go wrong with GlobeIn.

GlobeIn subscription (starting at $33 a month;

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