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The Gepor 5-inch mini whisk set is a handy set of two smaller versions of a traditional stainless steel whisk. Each is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a handle, which means they’re dishwasher-safe and can easily hang or attach to a tool ring. But most importantly, two is better than one of these scaled-down whisks — in applications around the kitchen.

The delicate size of these whisks makes them ideal for many uses where a full-size whisk would be unwieldy: mixing matcha or hot chocolate, making vinaigrettes and sauces, to say nothing of scrambling a single egg or egg white. Their tiny size allows them to whisk in tall, narrow containers like mugs or dressing bottles, and shallow pans without scratching. At $6, well under $25 for two, these baby whisks are likely to be the best money you ever spent on a kitchen tool or appliance of any size.

The Gepor mini whisk set provides two identical 5-inch tools whose scale and agility are a true game changer for making sauces, drinks, dressings and more. Factor in the low cost and this is one of the lowest cost-per-use kitchen tools you’ll ever own.

How I found the Gepor Mini Whisk Set

As an adult, I became a very involved cook, but I grew up scrambling eggs with a fork. Whisks of any size seemed like an unnecessary extravagance. Then a friend who hosted a podcast about local food and cooking mentioned mini whisks after seeing them used on “Milk Street TV” to make sauces in ramekins. While she was mostly enthused about the sheer cuteness of these diminutive tools, I was intrigued. As someone who frequently cooks for one or two, scale is often an issue. And full-size whisks tend to be suited for whipping up platters of scrambled eggs or soufflés for a crowd, not my small-batch vinaigrettes and single-serve meringues.

So I ordered one, and found myself using it so frequently it soon rusted apart. I decided to invest in a set next time, and soon after I got them, I was gifted several more, but I am happy to keep spares of this extremely versatile tool on hand.

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End to end, each whisk is 5 inches, with the whisk head taking up slightly more than half that space. For comparison, the head is about as tall as a large egg, only narrower, at just under an inch in diameter. The wires are thinner and more delicate than a full-size whisk, which makes this ideal for whisking in tall narrow vessels like salad dressing bottles or mugs. I believe the set may be intended for making matcha, which would explain the included spoon. I’m not a fan of the cheap plastic material or color, but the whisks are invaluable.

The Gepor 5-inch mini whisk set sells for $5.39 on Amazon as of this writing, with free next-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, an astoundingly low price for not one but two such useful tools.

Why it’s a score

After repeated use, it became clear that the Gepor 5-inch mini whisk set isn’t just for singles like me. The smaller size of the wire whisk makes this utensil suited to a range of tasks bigger whisks fail at, such as making matcha, hot chocolate or any other drink mixed in a mug. I find mini whisking ideal for making simple syrup for cocktails. In addition, sauces and salad dressings often benefit from a smaller tool because you tend to make smaller batches of them. I even use my mini whisks for blending dry ingredients, such as homemade spice blends and cinnamon sugar, because it evenly distributes the individual components and a larger whisk would just be awkward and messy.

A whisk’s main job is not only to blend ingredients (liquid or solid) together but to aerate them as well. There are times, however, when you may not want to add quite so much air to your ingredients, and there again, a small whisk comes in handy. If you grew up like me, scrambling eggs with a fork, a less fluffy scramble might be your preference. For a lot of dipping sauces and vinaigrettes, aeration is not needed, only blending, and a mini whisk fits handily into your palm as you emulsify

When it comes to eggs, one of the most frequently whisked ingredients in the kitchen, baby whisks have another advantage: Their more delicate wires won’t hold onto the egg proteins the way a full-size whisk does, which means more egg on your plate.

Another advantage of these mini whisks? They’re small enough to be portable, so you can pack them in a lunch bag and make matcha for yourself at work, or even go gourmet and whip up a fresh sauce deskside to have with lunch. The stainless cleans easily with just a rinse (they are dishwasher-safe, but it’s usually not worth it and I believe that’s what made my first mini whisk rust and fall apart so quickly, so now I hand-wash only).

Overall, the usefulness of these mini whisks far outpaces their small size and price point. So often, we’ve been trained to think that bigger is better, and while I still use my full-size whisk on occasion, I find myself reaching for the Gepor 5-inch mini whisk set far more frequently for daily kitchen tasks.