1-underscored samsung galaxy z flip leather case
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While we think the Galaxy Z Flip is the best foldable on the market right now, one downside is that accessories for the device are hard to come by — especially cases, of which we could only find three. Samsung makes one of those: a $79.99 leather case that comes in black or silver. And luckily, it’s a winner.

The leather case is split in two parts. The top half has a cutout for the front-facing display and the main dual-camera setup; the bottom half is a full piece of leather with no holes and an embossed Samsung logo. There are cutouts for all buttons and ports, meaning the case won’t disrupt any functionality of the Z Flip.

Unlike other cases that fully wrap around the device, these just hug it and don’t provide protection around the phone’s buttons. In fact, the bezels for the leather case as a whole sit flush with the inside of the Z Flip, so you won’t get any extra protection for drops. Rest assured, though, the leather case hugs the device with a sticky inside that grips the Z Flip, but doesn’t cause any damage to it.

Since the two pieces only cover the top and bottom halves, the hinge is left exposed. We personally dig this, as it shows off the color of the device and the shiny Samsung logo, but it won’t give you any added protection there.

2-underscored samsung galaxy z flip leather case

The leather case itself has a smooth finish with some texture — a light texture that is more grippable than smooth plastic. It lets you comfortably rest a pair of Galaxy Buds+ or even another phone on the bottom half for Wireless PowerShare charging, or place the Z Flip on a vertical or flat Qi-enabled wireless charging stand without worrying about it sliding off. Since the phone itself is so slippery, this was a major pain point for us while testing the Z Flip.

The case really gives you more peace of mind and gives the Z Flip a more high-end look. We’ve been testing the black leather case and it does a good job of hiding scratches and a decent job of repelling dust and dirt.

We wish Samsung had included the leather case with the Z Flip instead of the bundled clear case it chose. At $79.99, this isn’t the cheapest phone case ever, but it does manage to solve a major pain point due to the slippery and smooth nature of the foldable. We think it’s the perfect pairing for the $1,380 foldable. Is $79.99 too much to pay for peace of mind? It’s your choice, but this tech editor is digging it.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.