1-underscored galaxy buds plus bts
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This is music to many ears: Samsung announced its collaboration with K-Pop supergroup BTS a few weeks back, and we’re now just a few days away from the S10+ 5G and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition, which launch on July 9.

We spent the weekend with the BTS Edition of the Galaxy Buds+ (up for preorder now, $199.99; samsung.com), and it’s safe to say this special edition isn’t just about the sound.

Another big takeaway is the metallic purple pops. The color, which also covers the combination charging and carrying case, reflects light (both natural and artificial) and looks, well, darn good. The paint job doesn’t reflect on the inside though, which has a black finish.

Similarly, the left and right Buds+ have a pop of purple on the control panels, while the hull of each bud sticks with a matte black. The right earbud has a purple heart on the top, while the left gets a purple BTS logo. This simple pop of color attracts the eyes.

The Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition have all the features of the core Galaxy Buds+. They still fit snugly in the ears with the ear fin and ear tip (you’ll find a few sizes to pick from in the box) and still achieve the incredibly impressive 11½ hours of battery life from each bud.

The Buds+ still stand as our budget pick for true wireless earbuds — and they’re now in an even nicer package. The buds come with a matching circular Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, a plastic snap-on case and a USB-C charging cable. The snap-on case is, of course, purple.

And for the BTS fans out there, you receive a set of cards for each band member. It’s a cute addition to an all-around fun pair of earbuds.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition are up for preorder now at $199.99, and will start shipping on July 9. It’s a $49.99 premium over the regular ones for the special box, charging pad and other goodies.

2-underscored galaxy buds plus bts

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