Everlane Perform 24/7 Legging

As a certified personal trainer, I consider myself something of a legging sommelier: I’m able to find a pair for every occasion, from running to yoga to weight lifting to lounging at home. When I got the opportunity to test out Everlane’s new Perform 24/7 Legging, I was thrilled — between all the bells and whistles available on today’s leggings from high-tech waistbands to pockets galore, it’s been a minute since I sunk into something sleek and minimalist.

Everlane’s popularity hinges not only on its devoted celebrity following from Meghan Markle to Angelina Jolie but also its transparent pricing. The brand’s goal is to disclose what it costs to manufacture and ship each product, creating an element of trust between the retailer and shopper. And an element of trust it has: When Everlane customers begged for the brand to release a pair of leggings two years ago, it obliged. After the Perform Legging’s great success, the brand conceived of a 2.0 version — the Everlane Perform 24/7, featuring a thicker material that offers slightly more compression.

What is the Everlane Perform 24/7 Legging?

Unlike its predecessor, the Perform 24/7 Legging is made of 69% recycled nylon and 31% spandex, giving it that super-stretchy feel with plenty of insulation. It’s available in sizes XXS to 3XL, comes in six colors and is available in 25- and 28-inch inseams. Like its name suggests, the Perform 24/7 Legging is designed to be worn anywhere, all the time.

First impressions

Everlane Perform 24/7 Legging

When I tried them on for the first time, I audibly mumbled, “Damn, these are getting a good review.” They managed to boast enough compression to make me feel tucked in while being soft enough to feel like something I can lounge around and nap in (which I did with much success). I compare their material to that of the Lululemon Wunder Unders because you can definitely squeeze in a decent workout in them, but with that level of coziness, why would you want to?

At $68 a pop, I expected there to be something, anything, to facilitate wearing them 24/7, be it a side pocket, discrete waistband pocket, breathable mesh paneling, reflective materials or any number of the aforementioned bells and whistles I’ve come to expect from a midrange-to-pricey pair of leggings. It was only after taking a closer look at the product description that I found the discrete inner waistband pocket. I don’t foresee myself using it because it’s a bit hard to get to, but that’s fine by me because the waistband itself is what legging dreams are made of. It’s around 5 inches high and feels slightly tighter than the rest of the garment, creating a smoothing shapewear effect.

Even so, the leggings fit fantastically. I have short legs, so the option for a 25-inch inseam was a welcome departure from leggings that bunch up above my ankles. The addition of a gusset prevented any embarrassing camel toe appearances. I did notice a bit of a gap between the leggings and my natural waist in the size small, which tells me they might be made a little big since a small usually feels snug on me. While its elevated seams cost them a few points in testing (they’re considered less durable than their seamless counterparts since they present an added opportunity for ripping), I found the seams to flatter the silhouette nicely, particularly at the backside (*insert peach emoji*).

Putting it to the test

In an effort to get the most well-rounded experience out of these leggings — and identify what exactly they’re designed for — I submitted them to several activities.

Everlane Perform 24/7 Legging


I’m a sucker for a good high-intensity interval training class because it allows me to perform explosive movements that get my heart rate up. With an elevated heart rate comes a lot of sweat. The Perform 24/7 Leggings don’t seem to be engineered with perspiration in mind. Not only did the material hold onto sweat and become heavy the way cotton does after a workout, but it showed sweat stains. I’d understand if one of the lighter colorways like orchid (a pale lilac) or burnt sugar (a fair beige) were less forgiving, but I was wearing the black version.

Because I like to track my steps throughout the day and during a workout using my phone, I had to stow it in my bra while wearing these leggings since they didn’t have any phone-sized pockets. This tells me right off the bat they’re not designed for working out.

Barre and yoga

I took my Everlanes through both PureBarre and CorePower Yoga classes and noticed a common thread (pun very much intended): During standing movements that require a straight posture like tree pose or lateral leg lifts, the leggings don’t budge. It’s only when I fold, like during abdominal crunches or downward dog, that the leggings fold along right there with me. If you’re worried about this happening to you, I’d recommend sizing down: I ordered a size small, my usual, and believe ordering a size down next time may solve that folding issue resulting from excess fabric. The size small is said to fit 26- to 27-inch waists, and while I do fall into that category, the combination of slick material against smooth skin on the abdomen creates a gliding effect, which means you’ll need those leggings to latch onto your body a little tighter (i.e., by grabbing a size down).

Everyday wear

Everyday wear is where these leggings truly shine. Without any jumping or real folding and twisting actions while running errands, working from home and cleaning my kitchen, the leggings stayed put. I took these leggings on an hourlong walk in 7 degrees Fahrenheit where I live in Montreal, Canada, and can confirm they make for a great base layer. I wore them under a pair of baggy sweatpants and felt warm the entire time. I can imagine them working well as a base layer under snow pants not only because they’re thick but because they’re super stretchy, allowing for a complete range of motion that other long john-type pants don’t allow.

I’ve only washed and dried them on a normal cycle once (a bit more intensely than recommended) and can confirm they’ve retained their shape without any pilling. The fact that they’re dryer-friendly is a huge plus.

Bottom line

If you’re a legging fanatic like me and need a pair for every activity, these may fill a gap in your closet. Keep in mind that at $68 per pair without many impressive specs to offer like side pockets or an adjustable waistband, they’re a bit of an investment that’s hard to justify. I own several pairs of leggings from brands like 90 Degree by Reflex and Old Navy that cost me under $40 a pop and provide a comparable fit. However, if you appreciate what the brand stands for — pricing transparency, fabric sustainability and great style that’s accessible for most bodies — these Everlane leggings are an all-around winner.