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Everlane is one of our favorite sites when it comes to finding the highest-quality wardrobe essentials. From the perfect pair of high-waisted skinny jeans to an elegant leather flat, the brand has carved out a unique space for its basic yet beloved offerings as a sort of antithesis to fast fashion — focusing instead on creating clothing that will last, and that you’ll want to wear for years to come. The brand has dedicated itself to investing in ethical manufacturing, using the highest-quality materials, and providing cost transparency for consumers, which have helped make it a favorite among celebrities like Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie.

So when Everlane announced it was launching its most requested product to date, we knew we had to see (and test) it for ourselves. Enter: the Perform Legging.


What is the Perform Legging?

The Perform Legging marks Everlane’s first venture into activewear — though in many ways, it’s a logical next step. Whether for exercise or purely for comfort, leggings have become a beloved wardrobe essential.

The Perform Legging is made from what Everlane describes as a “premium technical fabric.” It’s 58% recycled nylon — nylon being perhaps the most popular material for leggings — a naturally durable and lightweight fabric. The leggings are billed as sweat-wicking yet warm and perfect for a whole range of activities, from running errands to working out. They’re described as having “lightweight compression,” which we interpret as being super comfortable for casual wear, though probably not the best option for high-impact, super sweaty workout classes. And lastly, they’re designed to maintain their shape over time, so no stretching here.

The big kicker? The Perform Leggings are just $58. High-quality leggings can cost upward of $100, with very few of our top picks falling under $75.

First impressions

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Perform Leggings are thin. Most leggings fall into one of two camps: either a thicker, super supportive and more compressive fabric or a lightweight, often slick material that feels more like a second skin. I typically opt for the former during the colder months (something like Zella Live-in High-Waist Leggings) and the latter during the warmer months. So when I first opened the package and tried these on, I was a bit worried as to whether these leggings were warm enough to sport in cold weather, and if they were supportive enough to wear during a workout.

Featuring a high-waisted design and large band for extra support and shaping, they’re extremely comfortable and body-hugging in all the right ways. In my opinion, they’re the perfect amount of high-waisted (and that’s coming from someone with a longer torso) and sit super comfortably above my hips.

The design and overall look is very Everlanesimple yet effective, with little touches that make a big difference. The lining on the back of the leggings lifts your backside and the lack of seams gives the leggings a sleek look.

Putting it to the test

The big selling point of the Perform Leggings are that they’re super versatile — simultaneously comfortable enough to lounge around in, supportive enough to work out in and stylish enough to go out in. So of course, we put them to the test in a couple of different scenarios to see exactly how they held up.


Running: The Perform Legging makes for a great running option, and I would imagine particularly so during the warmer months. They were comfortable, provided plenty of support (though to clarify, I’m more of a jogger than a long-distance runner) and even kept me decently warm during 30-degree weather. However, as you’d expect with the thinner material, these didn’t prove to be the warmest leggings ever. They held up surprisingly well considering how thin they are, but if you’re going to be running consistently in cold weather, I would opt for something like the Outdoor Voices FrostKnit 7/8 Leggings.

Barre, yoga and dance: I loved wearing the Perform Legging during various exercise classes. They were surprisingly supportive, and though not the most compressive leggings, were extremely comfortable to stretch, dance and jump around in. They were wonderfully sweat-wicking, definitely squat-proof, and it was easy to tell that the material is high-quality. Most notably, they were absurdly lightweight. While I was hesitant about sweating it out in these thinner leggings, they performed just about as well as I could have asked for. Again, I have a feeling that these are going to be my go-to spring and summer leggings.

However, during some yoga positions in which I would have to bend over or reach to my side, the band would start to roll over itself. While this isn’t nearly as bad as a band that slides down, it did distract me a couple times during my class, forcing me to hike my leggings back up. This being said, the less supportive waistband absolutely contributes to a more comfortable fit on a larger range of sizes, a trade-off that is definitely justified.

Everyday wear: To put it plainly, these are the perfect everyday leggings. They held up great during exercise, but I would have been happy even if they hadn’t, because during everyday wear they were just that comfortable. Unlike activewear designed specifically for high-intensity classes or massive amounts of sweat, these didn’t have to be peeled off after a class, and they’re definitely one of my first choices for running weekend errands or traveling.

While the Perform Leggings are not as shiny or buttery soft, I would compare the fit and feel to the High-Waist Airlift Legging from Alo Yoga, an option that’s almost double the price. While the Perform Leggings do include a small pocket on the interior of the waistband, I do wish there was a larger pocket, specifically one of the back of the leggings or on the sides of the pants themselves. Though maybe that’s for the next activewear launch from Everlane. Hint, hint.

The bottom line

Whether or not you exercise consistently, if you love leggings, you will love the Perform Leggings. They’re everything Everlane says they are, and at $58, we can’t recommend them enough. Of course, a huge factor in whether leggings are worth the splurge are how they hold up over time, so I’ll update this post after I wash and wear my leggings a couple more times. As of right now, two washes in and they’re still looking great.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.