dolce hairdryer
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While a minor annoyance, the twisting, knotting, edge-catching nature of your hair dryer’s cord can get old real quick.

Dolce’s Cordless Portable Hair Dryer aims to fix this by tossing a battery inside, which eliminates the need for a cord. Better yet, it’s now $109.95 from Joyus, down from the usual $199 price tag.

We’ve been putting this cordless hair dryer to the test over the past few weeks. It’s portable and lightweight, and we love that the cord has been removed.

Using the Dolce

Considering the dryer has a rechargeable battery inside, we were surprised at how light it was. The dryer itself is super lightweight — even lighter than one of our favorite hair dryers, the Revlon Blow Dry Brush. With a conventional unit, the act of drying your hair can be a bit of an arm workout. With the Dolce, though, it was easier to navigate the blow dryer while drying our hair because there was no cord getting tangled or hooked on the edge of the bathroom counter or drawers.

Included with the Dolce is a stand that doubles as a charger and a home for the hair dryer. It doesn’t take up too much space on a counter, either, which we appreciated. If you’d rather just use the stand for charging and not feature it, you can opt to store it in a draw or cabinet.

Dolce claims the battery of the blow dryer will last 180 minutes. We found, on average, we could style our hair with the dryer twice before recharging, and each styling session took about 45 to 60 minutes. As we styled our hair, the power of the styling tool stayed the same, even if it was at the end of its charge. Charging time didn’t take too long, either, and by simply leaving the dryer in the charging stand overnight, the dryer was ready for the next day.

Being cordless comes with its downsides, though. The blow dryer is not as powerful as your standard plug-in. We spent more time blowing out our hair with this tool than we did with other blow dryers. Dolce says the dryer has a power output of 1,000 watts, which does fall in the range of standard blow dryer wattage. Still, the air could have blown out faster, which would have sped up drying time. Even with the included concentration nozzle attached, it still took us longer than usual to finish styling (about an additional 15 minutes).

Bottom line

The Dolce Cordless Portable Hair Dryer comes at a good price of $109.95 (originally $199). It’s easy to charge and store, and it leaves you with a good blowout to have you ready to take on the day.

It’s definitely not as powerful as your standard blow dryer, so styling took longer than usual, but it’s not a deal breaker for us. If you’re looking for a more convenient styling tool for drying your hair, it’s definitely worth the investment.