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With the new year in full swing, I’ve been pushing myself to see my goals through the entirety of 2018. Like many others, mine are health oriented. I’ve committed to eating cleaner, drinking more water and more importantly, created a more routine workout schedule.

Part of that was to challenge myself to try new workouts that would help me reach my fitness goals. I was tired of doing the same old elliptical and free weight workouts at my local gym.

A seemingly easy solution to this was ClassPass (prices vary; classpass.com).

It’s a subscription service that lets people from various cities try out workout classes in their area. Think of it as a mix-and-match situation. ClassPass users have access to a pack of three, five or ten classes per month that can be used at participating studios in their area. These include more typical classes like kickboxing and running classes and more niche classes, such as aerial yoga and aquacycling.

Prices can vary depending on the city, but the typical New York City package of three classes runs $45 per month, while five classes are $75 and 10 cost $135. It’s not the cheapest option out there, as many gym memberships offer promotions that are lower than ClassPass’ membership fees, but you’re receiving a pretty hefty price cut on quality classes.


Take New York City, for example. Your typical spin class can cost you upward of $30 a class. But with ClassPass, you could take three of those per month for a fraction of the original cost.

The classes are a cheaper alternative than going directly to the studio. This makes it a stellar swap if you’re already spending a decent chunk of change on specialty fitness classes. It also makes a great supplement to your gym membership, if your current one doesn’t offer extra classes.

After trying the service for a month, I realized that while it’s not for everyone, it’s for people like myself. For starters, there are a lot of physical activities that I want to try in order to find what I enjoy the most. And since I’m starting from scratch, ClassPass allows me to test a number of different classes that I might not otherwise have the funds or motivation to do.

Take aquacycling, for instance. Just like its name suggests, this workout involves bikes that are placed in a pool, with water coming to about your waist. The water becomes your resistance. The thought is that this helps burn just as many calories as your typical spin class, but is easier on your joints. I would have never tried it without the deal I scored on ClassPass.

I tried everything from boxing to TRX training classes in my month of using the service. This allowed me to figure out which workouts actually motivate me so I can stick to them. I also enjoy the class scenarios better than I do flying solo at my local gym.

There’s an instructor who guides you through the workouts, corrects your form and gives you practical tips. In classes, I feel like I work harder and more efficiently than on my own. You can also take classes in other cities, which makes it perfect for travelers who want to work out on trips.

And while the monthly price maybe a bit too steep to jump into for first timers, ClassPass regularly offers deep discounts (I started my membership for just $1).

It’s a great reason to get out there, exercise and get hooked on a new, healthy lifestyle.