Casper Snow Foam Pillow 2

Body temperature can really make or break a good night’s sleep, and if you’re a hot sleeper, you probably already have mattress and bedding brand Casper’s Cooling Collection on your radar. Now there’s a new addition to the line that’s sure to send a shiver down your spine (in a good way!): Casper just launched the Foam Pillow with Snow Technology, its first cooling pillow — and we got a chance to try it out.

The Foam Pillow with Snow Technology is Casper’s latest addition to the Cooling Collection, which already includes a mattress, sheets, duvets and more. You’ll pay $139 for a standard size or $169 for a king, while two standards cost $269 and two king-size pillows are $329.

Casper’s cooling technology strikes again

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Like the rest of the cooling products the brand has created, the Foam Pillow is designed with advanced cooling features to keep you feeling cool and comfortable all night long — and the cooling tech works on both sides of the pillow. It features Snow Technology, Casper’s signature AirScape breathability, along with three layers of foam for support to keep your head and neck aligned.

The addition of all this technology does come at a high price, though — the pillow is about 30% more expensive than a regular Casper Foam Pillow, starting at $139 for one standard pillow or $169 for king.

Like all Casper products, the pillow arrived in minimal packaging, tightly rolled in a small box. I pulled it out of the box, removed the plastic cover and unrolled the pillow. It was pretty flat, like the brand’s mattresses at first, so I let it breathe and reshape before using it.

That said, this is a foam pillow, so even after reshaping, don’t expect a big pouf, though the layers of foam do provide ideal support for side sleepers. But unlike the classic foam pillow the brand offers, this pillow boasts four of the brand’s Heat Delete bands running through the foam, which continuously pull heat away from your head and neck for 12+ hours.

The lowdown: Sweaty wakeups are a thing of the past

It’s not particularly warm in the Northeast right now, but I cranked up the heat and settled in with my cooling pillow — on top of my Casper Snow cooling mattress — and settled in for the night. The first thing I noticed was the bulk of the pillow; it felt so solid and cradled my neck very comfortably.

Much like the Snow mattress, lying your head on the pillow feels like resting on cool gel, even through my flannel pillowcase. I rolled over on my back and side and flipped the pillow over; no matter what I did, I felt supported and, more importantly, so cool.

I wear my shoulder-length hair in a bun at night, and often some pieces will fall out and get a little sweaty. With the cooling pillow, my hair stayed cool and dry and wasn’t stuck to my neck at all. For that alone, I’d recommend this pillow to anyone with longer hair, or to those who tend to wake up sweaty.

The bottom line: A cooling pillow for year-round comfort

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With this latest addition to Casper’s pillow offerings, summer is looking like a breeze; in fact, I’m looking forward to sleeping cool and comfortable year-round with the Foam Pillow with Snow Technology. For hot sleepers, anyone living with a hot sleeper or those in warm, humid climates, the Foam Pillow with Snow Technology offers a respite from stuffy, hot nights and should give you many peaceful nights of cool sleep.

Whether or not it’s worth the higher price tag comes down to your body. A cooling pillow can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep or a miserable, sweaty, sleepless night. If you struggle with getting to sleep or staying asleep due to feeling hot, this pillow is a worthwhile buy.