Candle by the Hour
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In the current self-care age of essential oils and diffusers, regular ol’ candles have fallen to the wayside a bit. Sure, there are still plenty of gorgeous-smelling options on the market, but many consumers (myself included) have begun to shy away from candles for several reasons — toxic emissions and a burning flame among them. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the coziness of a real candle, but what I don’t love is the fact that one could burn for hours if I by chance forget to blow it out before going to bed.

Which is exactly why Candle by the Hour caught my attention. Currently boasting 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, the beeswax candle looks like something straight out of “Little House on the Prairie.”

The rundown

Candle by the Hour

Here’s the design backstory: The product is inspired by the “courting candles” of the 16th century, when parents relied on self-extinguishing coiled candles to regulate the amount of time potential suitors could spend with their daughters. Genius, right? In modern days, parents could definitely use this “timer” for screened devices…but I digress!

Featuring a copper metal stand and wick holder, Candle by the Hour’s coiled beeswax is wrapped around the base, and the user can feed 1 to 3 inches through the clamp, with each inch accounting for 20 minutes of burn time. Read: Pull 3 inches of the candle up through the wick holder and you’ll get about an hour of worry-free candle burn time.

The lowdown

Candle by the Hour

That brings me to the product’s chief selling point: By self-extinguishing, the candle mitigates the risk of forgetting to put out the candle yourself and — worst-case scenario — a fire starting in your home. While that risk may seem like a far-flung worry, it’s in fact a reality. The National Fire Protection Association reported that between 2014 and 2018, roughly 21 home candle fires were reported daily.

Safe and totally unique in design, the candle will not only look great on a countertop or bookshelf, but it’s also way safer for your home’s air too. Back to those aforementioned toxic emissions, many of the candles on the market today are made of petroleum-based paraffin that, when burned, can release carcinogens into the air. Beeswax candles, however, are 100% natural and don’t emit any harmful toxins — they actually help your home’s air! In fact, beeswax candles work to neutralize the pollutants creeping around your house, everything from dust and mold to mildew and yucky odors. More to know: The candle’s wick is cotton, with no lead or metal, another healthy air bonus.

The bottom line

Candle by the Hour

How is the candle IRL? After putting it to the test for a week or so, I found it worked just as described. Pulling the coiled wax 3 inches up at a time is easy peasy, and get this: There’s no waxy drip. Yes, really. That makes it not only a welcome addition to your own candle collection but also the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life.

Available in a few formats, including vertical and horizontal, colors (green or red) and scents (citronella for outdoor use!), Candle by the Hour also offers refills for when you’ve burned through 80 hours of candle time. Shop all of the options via the link below.

  • Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Horizontal Candle ($27.58; regularly $35;