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We’ve tried our fair share of blenders this year but have mainly tested options that take up a lot of space in your cabinets or on your countertops. If you’re looking for a more personal and portable option, we’d like to introduce the Blendi Pro ($69.99, originally $90; stacksocial.com). It’s a portable 18-ounce cordless blender that’s rechargeable.

We spent a week using the Blendi Pro and are walking away super impressed by the small device. It’s quiet, efficient and super convenient when it comes to making personal drinks like smoothies and protein shakes.

Setup and fill

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The Blendi comes ready to go out of the box with you just needing to juice it up via the included Micro USB to USB-A cable. No wall plug is included, though. It’s recommended that you don’t charge the Blendi for longer than four hours, so we plugged in ours and set a timer. You can follow along with the charge via the small display on the front of the Blendi. This screen doubles as a timer for when you’re blending.

Our only complaint with this portable blender is the rubber guard that covers the charging port. It’s easy enough to remove when you want to charge it, but it can be frustrating to reclose the port. It was frustrating when it came time to clean the blades and make sure no water spilled into the port. You can easily clean all parts of the Blendi Pro — base, bottle cap and water bottle conversion base — with relative ease, as it uses a twist-on-and-twist-off system.

The Blendi Pro bottle provides plenty of room. We were able to fit in a half cup of blueberries, half of a banana and a half cup of spinach, though it took a little bit of mashing down with a spoon. It was finally time to put the blender to the test and see if we’d be heading back to the kitchen for a second breakfast attempt.

Blending time

The Blendi Pro had our concoction done in under 15 seconds. The result? A well-blended smoothie following a super-fast blend time. It was quite impressive how quickly the blades crushed everything down, and it was fairly quiet. The blades are small but definitely powerful. It was easy to see the draw of the blades when watching the fruits get blended. You could also hear a difference when the blades were crushing up food versus blending all of the ingredients together smoothly. The lid for the Blendi Pro is a sippy lid so you can enjoy right away once you’re done blending.

Cleaning the Blendi Pro before and after use was super easy. The cup and lid are both dishwasher-safe — awesome news. To clean the blades, we ran a little bit of soap and water as if it were blending to make sure the blades were rinsed.

After making a smoothie, we ran the blades under water (keeping the ports covered as best we could), and once the bottle was clean we repeated the process of blending some soap and water. It was a huge bonus for us that the bottle and caps can go in the dishwasher, though we wish there were a more convenient way to clean the base and blades without worrying about damaging the charging port.

We used the Blendi Pro once a day for six days, and a single charge powered all of those blends. It’s great that it didn’t need frequent charging because it meant we could use the blender without worrying about the battery. It further adds to the list of pros because we know we’ll be able to use the Blendi Pro multiple times throughout the week and not stress over whether or not we also packed the charger in the rush out the door.

Bottom line

The Blendi Pro is a purchase that’s worth it for the convenience it provides. At $69.99 it’s priced within the range of other top-rated personal blenders. Most other blenders don’t have the portability option that the Blendi Pro offers, which we feel only adds to its value.

Being able to take and use the Blendi Pro while out and about makes it a super-convenient kitchen device. It’s great if you’re a fitness fanatic who wants a nice, smooth protein shake or a student looking to make healthy breakfasts from the dorm.