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The market for weighted blankets is saturated, which if anything, indicates that anxiety and insomnia — two ailments that weighted blankets have been proven to help with (at the very least, they feel like a warm hug from a loved one) — are all too common issues. So the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by the wealth of weighted blanket options available to you. Instead, just go with the Bearaby Cotton Napper, a weighted blanket that is the perfect combination of almost all universally beloved cozy characteristics.

With a chunky-knit pattern and open weave design, the Bearaby Cotton Napper is remarkably breathable, while also looking extremely cool

What sets Bearaby apart from other weighted blanket makers? The brand’s handmade chunky blankets are incredibly breathable, thanks to their open-loop knit design, meaning you get all the comforting weight with none of the potentially stifling heat of a traditional weighted blanket — making them ideal for those who run hot. (In fact, I’ve found that covering myself with a regular throw blanket and the Cotton Napper is especially cozy on cold winter nights.) Available in 15-, 20- and 25-pound options, Bearaby recommends choosing a blanket that’s 10% of your body weight for optimal comfort.

Another reason to get behind the Cotton Napper? It’s made from biodegradable organic cotton, which uses 85% less water than conventional farming methods and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetics or artificial softeners. And still, the blanket is machine-washable, so it’s extremely convenient to keep clean.

Bearaby Cotton Napper

Finally, the Cotton Napper is a simply stunning addition to any sofa, bed and home in general. In calming neutral hues like Asteroid Grey, Moonstone Grey, Midnight Blue, Cloud White and Evening Rose, it’s a treat for the eyes too.

The Cotton Napper starts at $249 for the 15-pound, 40-inch-by-72-inch blanket, while the 20-pound, 45-inch-by-72-inch blanket is $259 and the 26-pound, 48-inch-by-72-inch blanket is $279. It’s certainly a high price tag, but as far as gifting to the one you love goes, it’s a worthwhile purchase that’s earned its spot as our favorite weighted blanket.