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While walking your dog in the rain is hardly ever fun, there’s one thing that can save you both from rainy-day misery: a simple, adorable dog raincoat.

We went to pet experts to get tips on choosing one. Aside from the obvious — the coat should be made of water-repellent material — they offered a few other general guidelines. “Ensure the jacket fits snugly, but not too tight,” advises Sarah-Anne Reed, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance consulting holistic dog trainer, owner of Pack Dynamics and mom to English bulldog Tootsie. “Make sure it doesn’t restrict movement, especially under the dog’s legs.”

Also, it should easily accommodate your dog’s harness and leash. “To avoid the coat rotating during the walk, or interfering with the leash, look for either a hole to connect to a back harness, or choose a harness/raincoat combo with a chest attachment location,” advises Chris Menges, a veterinarian in Austin, Texas.

Dog raincoats with hoods

“Consider your furry friend’s ears,” urges Lyssa Le, safety specialist at dog walking company Wag.”If your pup is anything like mine, they hate water getting into their ears! That’s where a hood can help.”

The only exceptions, she adds, might be dogs with pointy ears that stand straight up, such as Chihuahuas, Australian cattle dogs and basenjis. Hoods won’t work so well. (In which case, she recommends a snood.)

K9Wear Dog Raincoat (starting at $60;

K9Wear Dog Raincoat

With a classic shiny exterior and a soft, colorful print lining, this handmade jacket will make you wish for rain clouds to roll in. The hood has an adjustable drawstring so your pup will stay snuggly. The little pocket can hold treats or waste baggies. It comes in five punchy colors.


Frisco Clear Dog Raincoat (starting at $12.99;

Frisco Clear Dog Raincoat

Adjustable around the belly and the neck, this fun topper is just the thing for quick dashes outside in warmer climes. So simple, yet so functional — and effortlessly stylish!


Youly the Nature Lover Dog Raincoat (starting at $14.99;

Youly the Nature Lover Dog Raincoat

A jaunty jacket at a budget-thoughtful price, this hooded raincoat sports a zip pocket and an adjustable bottom with an elastic cord and toggles.


HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker (starting at $17.99;

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker

Made of 100% polyester with waterproof coating, this slicker comes with a reflective band that makes your dog more visible while running around a park or walking on a leash. Plus it’s got a belly strap to keep it snug and comfortable. And we simply can’t get over the various cute rainy-day prints.


Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker (starting at $36.99;

Canada Goose Torrential Tracker

With a stylish visor brim on the generously sized hood and a cozy, nautical-print lining, this coat will bring a bit of cheer to dreary afternoons. And after keeping your pup snug and dry, it can be machine-washed. It also comes in pink.

Dog raincoats for large breeds

Big dogs tend to like water better than little dogs. Still, even large breeds with a thin coat or low body fat, puppies and seniors will appreciate the extra layer between them and the elements, says Reed.

Ruffwear Sun Shower Rain Jacket ($59.95;

Ruffwear Sun Shower Rain Jacket

A well-fitting and versatile option, this vest-style raincoat is unlined. That means your dog can wear it as is on warmer wet days, or with a sweater underneath when temperatures drop. The fabric repels mud, so it stays looking like new longer. Reed points to Ruffwear as a brand known for high quality and durability.


Arcadia Trail High Visibility Dog Raincoat ($29.99;

Arcadia Trail High Visibility Dog Raincoat

The days are getting shorter. And rainy days are kind of dark anyway. For dogs who won’t be put off their long walk at day’s end by a little drizzle, this reflective jacket could be a smart buy. An ID tag is attached to the inside of the coat, and it’s easily packable in the included storage bag with a carabiner.


Disney Flounder Print Raincoat (starting at $11.80;

Disney Flounder Print Raincoat

This Chewy-exclusive slicker will have all you “Little Mermaid” fans smiling even in a downpour. Belly straps keep it secure, while the leash hole has a flap to keep every last raindrop off your pooch.

Dog raincoats for small breeds

“The smaller breed dogs, especially Chihuahuas and Maltese, do not seem to like going to the bathroom in the rain,” observes Menges. “They may be happier to do their business with a raincoat.”

Given how close to the ground toy breeds are, their undersides can get soaked on a rainy day. “Ensure that the belly area is covered well, but not totally if you have a male dog, otherwise he may wind up peeing on the base of the jacket,” says Tennille Teague, founder of pet lifestyle brand Just Fred and mom to senior dogs Mo and Rizzo.

Pet Life Reflecta-Glow Pet Raincoat (starting at $18.31;

Pet Life Reflecta-Glow Pet Raincoat

No need to take a rain check on your errands when your yipper is outfitted in this snazzy raincoat made especially for tiny to medium-sized dogs. It’s waterproof on the outside and lined with fleece on the inside, and the hood is removable.


VoyagersK9Apparel Miniature Dachshund Raincoat ($94;

VoyagersK9Apparel Miniature Dachshund Raincoat

“Longer dogs, such as dachshunds and Welsh corgis, do better with longer torso raincoats,” notes Teague. “They also tend to like sleeveless options better as they are so close to the ground.” This dapper cover-up, one reviewer notes, “is better quality than most human coats.”


Ellie Dog Wear Premium Raincoat ($49.99;

Ellie Dog Wear Premium Raincoat

Here’s an easily adjustable coat with several small pockets and good belly protection. It’s designed to accommodate a harness underneath as well. All in all, a solid pick for little fur babies.


Blueberry Pet Lightweight Reflective Dog Raincoat ($21.99;

Blueberry Pet Lightweight Reflective Dog Raincoat

Diminutive doggos can strut their stuff in this rain romper. It’s adjustable at the neck, legs and belly and wipes clean, and it has reflective stripes. A storage pouch is included.