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Affectionate. Funny. Never talks back. Clearly thinks the sun rises and sets on you. Didn’t leave your side during the gloomiest days of quarantine. Your pet sounds like the perfect valentine to us.

With February 14 coming up fast, it’s time to think about how you’ll show your ardor for your faithful canine or feline companion. While you still have time to order any of these 28 gifts to woo your furry crush right now — even if you are a little late? — your Frenchie or calico won’t give you grief. See, we told you they were the perfect valentines.

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Gifts for dogs

Frisco Valentine Rose Bouquet ($9.98; chewy.com)

Frisco Valentine Rose Bouquet

Will they accept this rose? For sure, because it squeaks, crinkles and is the exact right size and shape for them to carry around the house in their mouth, looking back at you with those big eyes as if to say, “Come and get it!”

YML Strawberry Dog Bed ($27.50, originally $39.99; chewy.com)

YML Strawberry Dog Bed

Oh my. Taking a snooze in a plump strawberry is the stuff a pupper’s Valentine’s dreams are made of. The cushion inside is plush and thick, so it’s definitely comfy. Convenient too: It’s removable so you can easily wash it. And it’s even great for cats.

Bocce’s Bakery Crispies Banana & Bacon Recipe Dog Treats ($8; chewy.com)

Bocce's Bakery Crispies Banana & Bacon Recipe Dog Treats

Sweet and savory together is amazing, as you probably know. Your dog will surely agree once they taste these limited-ingredient treats. Each tidbit is only 3 calories, so you can use these as training treats if you like.

The Foggy Dog Ruby Dog Collar ($32; chewy.com)

The Foggy Dog Ruby Dog Collar

Doggos will strut their stuff stylishly and securely in this US-made collar. It’s made of super-strong nylon webbing but is covered in cotton fabric for your pet’s comfort. Thanks to the solid brass D ring, you can snap on their leash in, well, a snap.

Frisco Valentine Candy Hearts Rope Toy ($8.98; chewy.com)

Frisco Valentine Candy Hearts Rope Toy

Candy is off-limits to dogs, but this tug toy is one heck of a consolation prize. Squeakers inside each “conversation heart” will have them swooning.

Loving Pets Bella Bowl (starting at $10.59, originally starting at $13.13; chewy.com)

Loving Pets Bella Bowl

The season of love is the perfect time to level up a slightly battered bowl. The inside of this cheery food or water bowl is stainless steel, which is naturally bacteria resistant. The rubber base keeps it from slipping around on the floor, and it pops right off for the dishwasher.

Merrick Power Bites ($5.99, originally $6.99; chewy.com)

Merrick Power Bites

Yummy food that’s also good for us may be a little elusive to humans, but thankfully, it’s easier to find healthy treats for your dog. Case in point: these beefy, grain-free snacks full of antioxidants from sweet potatoes, apples and blueberries.

Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Rosé All Day Squeaking Toy ($10; chewy.com)

Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Rosé All Day Squeaking Toy

Cheers to the bond you share with your best pal! This rare vintage is sure to create a buzz in your home. There’s also a beer can version, for the toughest decision you may have to make all month. Snap up both, and now it’s a party.

Frisco ‘Bee Mine’ Dog Dress (starting at $12.99; chewy.com)

Frisco 'Bee Mine' Dog Dress

How can you possibly resist turning your pup into a true fashionista with this pullover ruffled frock?

Claudia’s Canine Bakery Valentine’s Dog Treats ($11.99; chewy.com)

Claudia's Canine Bakery Valentine's Dog Treats

Two words: peanut butter. This is a (resealable) tub of temptation for any canine. Each cookie has a fun shape, and they’re all topped off with two fancy “bones” drizzled with yogurt.

The Chewy Goody Box for Dogs ($24.99, originally $29.38; chewy.com)

The Chewy Goody Box for Dogs

To heck with less is more. This box of delight proves more is more. Pick the size that’s just right for your dog. All versions include a bounty of gifts they surely deserve, from a roasted bone and freeze-dried treats to a stylish accessory and toy.

Gifts for cats

Lovely Caves Cat Bed ($39.99; chewy.com)

Lovely Caves Cat Bed

A cat bed that accents your home decor, rather than detracting from it, is a rare find. Voilà! This basket woven of cotton cord festooned with pompoms will hold up perfectly to getting snagged by claws. It comes in four colors.

Frisco Bubblegum Cat Toys ($5.48; chewy.com)

Frisco Bubblegum Cat Toys

Chew on this, kitty. No, really. These three sweet toys are stuffed with catnip and crinkle paper but will hold up to all the batting and gnawing your cat is sure to dish out.

Whole Life Just One Ingredient Cat Treats ($5.99, originally $7.99; chewy.com)

Whole Life Just One Ingredient Cat Treats

Something’s fishy. But in this case, that’s a good thing. Freeze-dried salmon fillets are exactly what your cat gets here. That’s all. Hand one over right out of the bag or top off their food with one. Either way, these are a great option for felines with food sensitivities.

Hartz Just for Cats Peek & Play Tent ($8.27; chewy.com)

Hartz Just for Cats Peek & Play Tent

As cat parents well know, our feline friends are all about hiding. Yours will give you the look of love when they see you pop open their new nap and play den. It provides more than just a cozy spot to chill; it has two dangling toys for them to swat at and a scratching mat.

Necoichi Matsuri Bow Tie Cat Collar ($15.99, originally $16.99; chewy.com)

Necoichi Matsuri Bow Tie Cat Collar

Oh, what a handsome boy! Soft and durable, this collar is the perfect Valentine’s Day present for a pampered pet. It’s crafted out of Chirimen Kimono fabric made in Japan. And although it’s eye-catching, it won’t catch on anything that could injure your cat: It features a breakaway clip buckle for safety.

Frisco Donut Cat Toys, 2-Pack ($4.98; chewy.com)

Frisco Donut Cat Toys, 2-Pack

It’ll be hard to find a cuter Valentine’s surprise for your precious pussycat than this set of plush, crinkly toys. And for less than five bucks? Impossible. They’re packed with catnip, which will surely be the icing on these cakes to your cat.

District 70 Sardine Can Cat Scratcher ($59.95, originally $74.95; chewy.com)

District 70 Sardine Can Cat Scratcher

Kitschy and clever, this hybrid scratcher-hideout is a sturdy structure for your curious cat to play in, lounge around in and perch atop to survey the scene. It’s made of eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard and is available in three colors.

Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl ($19.94, originally $20.99; chewy.com)

Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl

If you embrace the motto “Only the best for my cat,” then this pet Valentine’s Day gift is likely what you’re looking for. This thoughtfully designed porcelain bowl allows your feline companion to enjoy their meals without bending over. And it’s made in a way that keeps food centered in the bowl. Both of those features make it easier for your cat to swallow. If you use it for water, you’ll like that it has an inner lip to help minimize spilling.

Crumps’ Naturals Pure Poultry Cat Treats ($3.99; chewy.com)

Crumps' Naturals Pure Poultry Cat Treats

Here’s an obvious choice for spoiling your fur baby without straining your budget. The only ingredients in these chewy snacks are North American-sourced chicken and vitamin E. The poultry is freeze-dried raw for an extra boost of flavor and nutrients.

Gifts for pet lovers

‘Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Doggie)’ by Jeremy Greenberg ($9.89, originally $9.99; chewy.com)

'Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Doggie)' by Jeremy Greenberg

This coffee table book will get a laugh from anyone who picks it up. Structured as hysterical letters from a dog to his human, it goes a long way toward helping dog parents see things from their pet’s perspective. From a plea to nix the embarrassing nicknames to an apology for pilfering food, the missives don’t pull any puppy punches.

Blush Fur Mama Wine Glass ($13.99; chewy.com)

Blush Fur Mama Wine Glass

A rose-hued stemless wine glass adorned with gold metallic paw accents makes a lovely, useful present for that devoted pet mom in your life. It’s made of glass (not plastic) and holds up to 20 ounces of vino. There’s also a dad version.

Design Imports Dog Doormat ($26; chewy.com)

Design Imports Dog Doormat

“Home is where someone runs to greet you” is just what you need to see when you arrive home after a rough day. This doormat is made from natural coir. That material — the fiber of a coconut husk — grabs debris off of shoes yet hides it equally well. The PVC backing helps it stay in place.

‘The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know’ by Tracie Hotchner ($22; chewy.com)

'The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know' by Tracie Hotchner

Cats are mysterious. Even if your feline has been part of your life for years, admit it…you have no clue why they do what they do most of the time, let alone what thoughts lie behind that slightly condescending stare. The solution is this book from the host of “Cat Chat” on Martha Stewart Living Radio. It translates common scenarios and suggests tips for responding to each.

Imagine This Company ‘I Love My Crazy Dog’ Magnet ($3.99; chewy.com)

Imagine This Company 'I Love My Crazy Dog' Magnet

The nuttier and quirkier the dog, the more quickly they seem to steal our hearts. Pay homage to the goofy poochie you adore with this bumper magnet. Unlike stickers, it can be moved from one to car to another easily. The high-gloss ink is also weather-resistant.

Primitives by Kathy ‘Judging You’ Box Sign ($10.99; chewy.com)

Primitives by Kathy 'Judging You' Box Sign

Know a cat lover who’s beyond proud of it? This whimsical wooden piece will charm them and any fellow feline aficionado who sees it. It’s small enough to be displayed just about anywhere, including a desk, kitchen counter, end table or shelf.

‘The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet’ by Victoria Stilwell ($17.99; chewy.com)

'The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet' by Victoria Stilwell

Curious dog lovers can get an inside look at their best bud’s mind when you gift them this fascinating volume. The author interprets, among other curious behaviors, types of barks and tail wagging patterns, being right paw versus left paw dominant, signs that your pup feels guilty and the process they use to size up human faces.

True Zoo Cat Cheeseboard ($22.79, originally $23.99; chewy.com)

True Zoo Cat Cheeseboard

Made of low-maintenance, antibacterial bamboo, this modern, adorable server for cheese or charcuterie will bring a smile to your kitty-loving giftee. It’s been mindfully made too, with food-safe paint and a handy rope “tail” for hanging.