Funboy Butterfly Pool Float
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If you’re planning on spending as much time as possible in a pool this summer, among the most vital products to ensure a relaxing time are, of course, gorgeous and often quite funny pool floats.

They can do it all: Provide buoyancy for you and your loved ones, shield you from the sun, serve as the perfect Instagrammable accessory and most importantly, prove that you are the ruler of the pool. Here are our top picks for you and your family to float down your very own lazy river in style.

Pool floats for adults

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float ($36.99;

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie

This giant mythical creature will keep up to two adults afloat, and can be inflated with a hair dryer.


Yacht Pool Float ($110.01, originally $119;

Yacht Pool Float

Almost as good as the real thing.


Avocado Float with Beach Ball Pit ($22.99, originally $28.99;

Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball

In addition to providing a comfortable lounge, this avocado has a pit that pops out for a perfect beach ball.


Glitter Flamingo Pool Float ($72.95, originally $79.99;

Glitter Flamingo Pool Float

This giant flamingo float is sure to make a splash and give your pool party a swanky feel.


Mermaid Tail Pool Float Metallic Blue ($10;

Mermaid Tail Pool Float Metallic Blue

Inspire envy among your fellow mermaids with this blue shimmery tail.


Funboy Butterfly Pool Float ($118.65, originally $129;

Funboy Butterfly Pool Float

This raft gives “float like a butterfly” a whole new meaning.


Diamond Ring Pool Float ($19.99;

Diamond Ring Pool Float

This flashy pool float will make the perfect Instagram post, plus it can be inflated quickly with a hair dryer.


Luxury Inflatable Airplane ($99;

Luxury Inflatable Airplane

To make up for all the traveling you didn’t get to do in 2020. Features a daybed cup-holder.

Pool floats for kids

Sea Dragon Float ($38.59, originally $48.99;

 Sea Dragon Float

Why slay a dragon when you can play with a dragon? This purple sea dragon is made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl, ensuring durability in the sun and water.


Sunshine On My Mind Float ($4, originally $5;

Sunshine On My Mind Float

This classic tube will brighten any pool scene.


Sloth Pool Float ($15;

Sloth Pool Float

When you’re trying to channel your inner sloth and relax, hop on this pool float and chill out.


Gummy Bear Sweet Treat Float ($34.99, originally $42.99;

Gummy Bear Sweet Treat Float

What kid doesn’t want a giant gummy bear? While they can’t eat this one, they can spend the afternoon soaking in some sun with its built-in headrest.

Pool floats for babies

Lil’ Canopy Shark Float Light Blue ($12;

Lil' Canopy Shark Float Light Blue

Built for kids up to 40 pounds, this shark-shaped float has a canopy for sun protection and a ring with a divided seat so your little one can stay upright and have their legs in the water.


Lil’ Canopy Unicorn Float Light Pink ($12;

Lil' Canopy Unicorn Float Light Pink

Designed like the float above, this one instead features a rainbow unicorn.


Shark Baby Pool Float (starting at $17.89;

Shark Baby Pool Float

“Baby Shark” will take on a whole new meaning with this inflatable floatie swim ring. For ages 9 months to 36 months.


Octopus Activity Center ($29.99;

Octopus Activity Center

Talk about a fun time. This baby float features an interactive playstation and a removable sun canopy. Mesh sides ensure parents can always keep an eye on baby.

Dog pool floats

Bark Yacht Dog Float ($59.99;

Bark Yacht Dog Float

You and your pup can both float in style with this inflatable yacht.


Pet Soft Dog Float Raft ($28.99;

Pet Soft Dog Float Raft

This durable doggy float is the perfect way to keep your pup cool this summer, plus it folds down into a small reusable bag for easy storage.


Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft (starting at $32.50;

Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft

This puncture-resistant float comes in small, large and extra-large sizes so it can keep any dog afloat.


Christine Pup Pool Mat ($123.99;

Christine Pup Pool Mat

A bone-shaped float, this mat never needs to be inflated, is easy to clean, and has a durable, vinyl-coated fabric that’s sun- and chemical-resistant.