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Let’s admit it: doing your taxes is taxing, especially for families and small business owners. With all the rules and adjustments that affect you, it may feel like you’re up the river without a paddle.

Well, your paddle may have just arrived in the form of Be a Tax Expert 9-Course Certification Bundle, which contains a number of courses that can help you out in a variety of taxation situations. And although the courses have an emphasis on business owners and related circumstances, you can also find information about family and education-related taxes. And don’t worry, since this course bundle grants you lifetime access, you can always refer back to it and take your time. You can also stream the lessons from your smartphone.

For $38.97, this 9-course bundle can teach you how to, for example, apply deductions for student loans and interest. Through more than 80 hours of lessons, you can also work through a number of tax situations on realistic worksheets, such as documents for selling your home or filling out forms as a small business owner. There are also tips and instructions for families, specifically credits you can take advantage of if you have children. You’ll also be shown the ins and outs of QuickBooks Pro Desktop, one of the most popular accounting softwares available.

Understand Small Business Schedule C Income Tax Preparation Using Actual Tax Forms as Examples is one of the courses you can find in this bundle. It may seem specific to highlight, but it’s a good example of what exactly this bundle has to offer. There are a number of tax laws surrounding Schedule C and being self-employed and this course seeks to provide knowledge about aspects such as business income and costs of goods sold. It then ties these in to the calculations and, ultimately, entry of these and other important values into real tax documents.

If you’re looking to get a grasp on QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2020 course is the one for you. With a substantial 30 hours of lessons, this course should help QuickBooks newbies work their way to advanced techniques. In a step-by-step format, you’ll start at the beginning with tasks like data entry, moving on to generating reports and exporting them. You should also learn a good deal about revenue, purchases and payroll, as well as their accounting cycles. Finally, you can learn the advanced and useful features QuickBooks has to offer.

The bottom line: Don’t be afraid of doing your taxes. Unless you’re living off the grid, you’ll want to check out Be a Tax Expert 9-Course Certification Bundle.

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