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If you’re a Discover credit card holder and an Amazon shopper, you might be in luck. That’s because Amazon has extended a popular promotion that can help you save money on many products sold by the online retailer when you use cash back from select Discover cards.

Depending on which offer you’re targeted for, you can score as much as $30 off a $150 purchase on most products sold directly by Amazon. Some card holders are seeing $10 off $50, and others are getting 40% off on up to $50 in purchases.

Get as much as $30 off a $150 purchase at Amazon with your Discover credit card.

If you’re eligible for any of these offers, you’ll need to use Discover cash back to pay for at least a portion of your purchase at checkout to trigger the discount before the promotion expires. The offers were originally slated to end on March 31, but they’ve now been extended to June 30. And if you previously saw one version of the offer, you might now be targeted for a different version.

But there are a number of steps you need to follow first to actually lock in the savings from any of these offers, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to ensure you’re getting every penny.

How to save up to $30 at Amazon with your Discover card

For starters, in order to potentially be targeted for this promotion, you must have a Discover credit card. These include the Discover it® Cash Back, the Discover it® Miles and the Discover it® Chrome.

If you have one of these cards but haven’t connected your Discover card to your Amazon account, you’ll need to link your two accounts. Log in to Amazon and add your Discover card as a payment method, then look for the option to enroll in “Shop with Points” under the “Your Account” tab (or click here to get to Shop with Points). On the next screen, click the “Enroll” button for the Discover card you just added.

Add your Discover credit card to your Amazon account and enroll in "Shop with Points."

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll need to click here to check if you’re eligible for an offer. Since these are targeted promotions, you might see a message saying that you’re not eligible, even if you have a Discover card connected to your Amazon account. But if you just enrolled in “Shop with Points,” you may need to wait 24 hours for Amazon’s records to refresh before being able to see an offer.

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If you’re eligible, make sure to activate your offer by clicking on the “Activate promotion” button. You can then shop at Amazon as you normally would, but during the checkout process, you’ll want to select your linked Discover card as your payment method.

You’ll then need to apply at least 1 Discover cash back point to pay for your purchase to trigger the discount. Amazon might automatically default to applying points for the full purchase amount, but you can manually change it and designate the number of points you want to apply toward your purchase — as little as 1 point if you want. The rest of the purchase can then be paid for with your Discover card.

You only need to apply 1 Discover cash back point to your Amazon order to get the discount.

Fortunately, you’ll get the same value when redeeming your Discover cash back at Amazon as you’d receive if you chose a statement credit redemption instead. Basically, $1 in cash back equals $1 at Amazon, which means you’re getting the same 1 cent per point. This is a much better value than what you’d receive when using American Express or Chase points, who often run similar Amazon promotions for their own card members.

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Once you’ve applied at least 1 point to your payment, you’ll see the discount added to your order, but keep in mind you’ll only see the discount on items sold directly by Amazon, not most third-party sellers.

With the 40% off offer, the discount will apply on every order you place through June 30 until you hit a total of $20 in savings. But for the other offers, you’ll need to place a single order with the minimum purchase amount to see the savings appear. So for the $30 offer, you need a minimum of $150 in items sold by Amazon in your cart, while the $10 offer requires at least $50 worth of items.

Get discounts on some great Amazon products

Any of these promotions will save you money, but let’s look at a few examples to see how the various versions of the discount work.

As of this writing, Amazon has the TCL 40-Inch 1080p Roku TV on sale for just $219.99. But if you have the 40% off offer, you can snag this LED television for just $199.99 plus taxes and shipping once the maximum $20 Discover discount is applied.

Use the 40% version of the Discover discount to save a maximum of $20 on this TCL 40-inch TV.

Or, in our recent guide to the best thermometers of 2021, we chose the Braun Digital No-Touch Forehead Thermometer as our best overall thermometer. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for $47.80, but if you’re targeted for the 40% off Discover discount, add it in and the price drops to a super low $28.68 before taxes and shipping.

If you're targeted for the 40% off Discover discount, you could get this top-notch thermometer for less than $30.

You can even pair these promotions with many of Amazon’s daily deals or any of its other money-saving offers, like saving $20 when you spend $60 on select beauty products.

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Up to $30 off third-party gift cards too

While these Discover discounts don’t apply to Amazon gift cards, they do apply to many other third-party gift cards that Amazon sells. And Amazon literally has hundreds of options, including retailers that might be useful right now such as Netflix, DoorDash, Safeway and more.

Take $30 off your grocery bill by buying a gift card to Whole Foods and applying this Discover offer.

So even if you don’t have anything you need at Amazon at the moment, you can buy a gift card for yourself using the discount and bank the savings for later.

What should you do if you’re not targeted?

If you’re not targeted for any of these particular Discover promotions, keep checking back, as sometimes previously ineligible customers are suddenly eligible. Similar offers also resurface throughout the year, so there’s a chance you’ll be able to receive savings at another point down the line.

You can also see if you’re eligible for a similar promotion Amazon currently has on American Express cards that could score you a discount if you’re targeted, or a Chase offer for $10 off a $30 purchase for its credit card holders at Amazon right now.

If you happen to be eligible for both one of the Discover offers and an offer with another credit card, you could be looking at a total of well over $50 in savings. But keep in mind that you can’t combine points from different credit card programs on a single purchase.

And if you don’t have any of these credit cards, make sure you check out our guide to be sure you’re using the best credit card for Amazon purchases, even if you can’t get any discounts right now.

With Amazon being a go-to shopping site for many households, this promotion is the perfect way to save money if you’re eligible. So make sure you take a look if you’re a Discover credit card holder, and if you’re targeted, get your discount when you buy from Amazon!

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