With the season two finale in the rear view mirror, “Euphoria” fans are trying to figure out how to keep the show alive in our hearts while we wait patiently for the third season. This season continued the trend established from the get-go of bringing some serious fashion looks to the small screen. Fans of the show and its aesthetics would kill to raid the “Euphoria” wardrobe department. While we definitely can’t do that (because stealing is wrong), it’s easy to build your own “Euphoria”-inspired outfit from the vast selection of clothing at Amazon. This list includes not only Euphoria inspired clothes, but shoes, makeup, and accessories as well.

This super cute halter crop top is a great addition to your wardrobe with the warmer months coming up. It would pair perfectly with a pair of denim shorts and a nice glass of white wine in the sun.

The kids on "Euphoria" never dress appropriately -- that's life on a sexy HBO show. It's fiction, but still, we can't help but be a little jealous of their fashion audacity. But hold on -- why can't we dress like they do? Maybe it's time to add a little spice to your wardrobe and you can start with this tight Feeke Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress.

In this day and age, even your workout gear can be stylish. We no longer have to work out in ratty t-shirts; we can have full on cute AF workout sets. This pretty pink Toplook Athletic Set gives some serious Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) vibes, while offering plenty of comfort.

This Victray Belly Dance Skirt will add some attention-getting sparkle to your outfit. The abundant sparkly fringe looks stylish when you're standing still, and takes on a life of its own when you're dancing the night away with friends.

Cassie totally nails her Alabama from "True Romance" costume in the first season and it made us realize how cute that outfit is. This cow print mini skirt is a dupe of the skirt that Cassie is wearing and is cute even beyond Halloween.

One of our favorite story lines in "Euphoria" is Kat's transformation in the first season. She really comes into her own. This corset belt is totally inline with her edgier, more dominatrix vibe she takes on.

From "Clueless" to "Euphoria" -- back to Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears -- there have been so many appealing plaid skirts in our pop culture. It's a look that spans all generations and never goes out of style. This yellow plaid skirt may take you back to Catholic school -- even if you never went to Catholic school.

The first sign that "Euphoria" fashion had seeped into our everyday looks was when pants like these ZAFUL Women's High Waist Cut Out Pants started popping up all over the internet. These pants are a classic homage to the show and are just the right amount of edgy.

With the summer months coming up, we're ready to wear a lot more color, and this funky fishnet crop top looks like the perfect swimsuit cover up to wear to the beach on a sunny day.

The girls of "Euphoria" are daring, in an inspirational way -- they are not scared to show some skin and play around with shapes in their wardrobe. This fun and sexy leather bustier crop top laces up and is a perfect, daring item to take your outfit up another notch.

These wide leg pants have a retro baggy fit and are adorned with cute graffiti-style hearts. They are perfect when you want to rock jeans with that little extra something.

Bra-like tops have been coming into fashion lately, and it's the perfect trend for this summer. This criss cross top is a simple top that shows a lot of skin. If you're feeling modest, you can wear it under a leather jacket, with jeans.

One of the key pieces in many a "Euphoria"-inspired outfit is something like this plunging neckline crop top. While there are a lot of different variations of this type of shirt, it's hard to beat this hot pink version.

This super cute SweatyRocks Women's Tie Up Crop Top brings some serious Maddy from "Euphoria" vibes. It is simple, cute, and shows just enough skin. It comes in a bunch of different colors, too, so you can buy more than one!

The Euphoria makeup looks are completely iconic and they use a lot of face gems. If you're trying to replicate their facial style at home, you're gonna need a ton of these Rainbow Face Gems.

Wearing Doc Martens boots is empowering -- it makes you feel like you can stomp away all your problems with '80s punk-rock style. This pair of 1460 Pascal Max Combat Boots are a platform pair that will give any outfit some edge.

The early 2000s cannot be ignored; they are back and better than ever. Embracing the tackier elements from y2k fashion, like this rhinestone butterfly camisole. This is such a simple and cute top for summer.

This pretty knitted mini dress can be either dressed up or dressed down. You can wear it with a sick pair of boots to make it nicer or just throw on some sneakers and a jean jacket for a casually stylish vibe.

The girls in "Euphoria" rock some retro-inspired looks on the show, including incorporating some serious '70s trousers. These metallic bell-bottom pants are a bright and colorful option that will have you feeling groovy vibes of another era.

Is Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) the biggest style icon on "Euphoria"? She takes some serious risks and always looks amazing. She was even confident enough to rock a body chain -- are you? There's one way to find out...

The retro inspired sunglasses are making a comeback -- and it's a completely welcome comeback. Whether oversized or small, eyewear is taking its fashion cues from the past, and winning. These pink sunglasses are a pop of color that will bring that cool vibe to any outfit.

If you ask the fashionistas, chokers go in and out of style -- but sometimes something looks stylish because it's out of style. What's the current status of chokers? Who cares? This pretty angel heart choker looks like something that Jules would wear on "Euphoria," and that's reason enough to embrace the look.

The eyeliner on "Euphoria" really does tell a story. These girls love a bold eye look. This eye liner pencil set has pretty much every color you could need to make even the most elaborate eye look. They're all waterproof, which cuts down on smudging.

One of the iconic outfits that Maddy (Alexa Demie) rocks in season two has the cutest blue beret. This blue wool beret from Amazon is a really close copy of the one she wears in the show.

This heart print skirt looks so much like the one that Kat (Barbie Ferreira) wears in "Euphoria" that it's almost unbelievable that it's not the real thing. It's a cute -- yet casual and modest -- way to pay homage to the "Euphoria" girls.

Lexi (Maude Apatow) doesn't get enough credit for her "Euphoria" style. She is a little more modest and low key than the rest of the girls, but she rocks some great looks in her own way. This plaid Allegra K Peter Pan Collar Dress is a great Lexi-inspired piece.

There aren't so many rules for makeup these days, and if you want to be bold and experiment, you want a big palette to work with. This NYX palette has a bunch of strong colors that are fun to work with to take a few makeup risks.

These rimless sunglasses are seriously cool and retro inspired. They are perfect for taking that swimsuit and cover up outfit to the next level. And since they are so affordable, it doesn't even matter if they go out of style before the summer is over (though we're betting they won't).

This long sleeve v-neck is a pretty and casual shirt that pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans and some fresh white sneakers. The wrap-style is also great because it can be adjusted and can fit different sizes.

Rue does not really have any fashion moments in "Euphoria," but she does nail the comfy look. These biker shorts are an easy way to dress down like Rue and be comfortable all day long. Sometimes that's just what you need.

These Sidefeel Destroyed Flare Jeans have an elastic waist that makes them a lot more comfortable than a regular pair of jeans. There's no button cutting into your skin when you sit just. You can be both comfy and extremely cute.

Maddy (Alexa Demie) is definitely the style queen of the first episode in season two of "Euphoria." She totally slays it. These long satin gloves are really similar to the gloves that Maddy rocks with her iconic New Years Eve black outfit.

Cassie gets full on roasted while wearing a gingham dress in Euphoria, but you may have been thinking "where do I get this dress?" We found it so cute, and this ZAFUL Gingham Dress is a pretty close copy.

Why do we step up our fashion game up when we're going out with the girls? Maybe it's because we know the gals will appreciate the effort more than many of the boys. This pretty long sleeve top has sparkly stars all over it and gives that perfect level of shine.

Everyone needs a great, classic white button up shirt. It's essential for layering underneath sweaters and dresses, and always works well on its own. This Peter Pan collared shirt is a slightly more stylish take on that basic white shirt.